Up and Down

It has been a wild ride here in Bird Land. Wild.

Right after I started sending the twins to daycare, I decided to start a local website. There was no place to go for family-friendly information and my area is made up of all these small towns so you could easily visit six different websites trying to find out what’s going on.

So! I changed that and then it got a bit nuts around here. People like the site a lot, which is a good thing, but then a bunch of people in the neighboring parish decided that they needed a site like that too. My friend agreed to head that up, so now there are two! new sites going. Small businesses are excited and we’re helping them plan family-friendly events and Facebook parties and it’s all very exciting.

Meanwhile, two month ago my AC overflowed and wall between my bathroom and Charlie’s room was swallowed by mold. We had to have it remediated–which involved a mold “bomb”–and then we had to hire people to put it back together. I spent a month sleeping on the couch and things are still kind of in shambles. Charlie’s wall has no paint, the back of my linen closet doesn’t exist, and there’s a giant, silver air-sucking machine in the twins room. Not plugged in or anything. Just hanging out.

And my mom had some health issues.

And I went to that conference in Atlanta.

And long story short (too late). . . it’s been busy.

The boys are good–still plugging along at their own, random pace. I’ve begun warming up Early Intervention Preschool for August’s arrival next year and everyone seems ready. I’m able to keep his diet quite clean since he’s at home and he’s doing well–interacting with us, learning to jump, smiling, laughing, etc. He is not perfect, but he is good and I have some plans for some more supplements to try with him. Everything with that kid is in the gut–happy gut, happy kid.

Louie is still speaking Louie, but sometimes it breaks through into English and that’s wonderful. He also learned to point and now points at everything. He also likes to give me imaginary things, which I think is a good sign. His school reports seem to get consistently better, and that’s good for my mama heart as well.

Rexie is Rexie. He’s babbling a lot and says Mama and Dada appropriately. I wonder if this makes him my first kid to talk? Or my second? Third? Who knows. I suspect he will be like his brothers and take his sweet time with language, but one thing I know for sure is that while my boys have trouble talking, they’re doing OK with understanding. This makes things a little easier on my heart as I wait for more words to come. I have a house of non-talkers, but not non-understanders. It could be worse.

And Charlie? Charlie is rocking out, actually. He’s working hard on things like handwriting and cutting. Every night I think my husband will just bust with pride when he sees the new things that Charlie can do.  He making progress on his goals including real, standard Kindergarten goals. As his brothers chatter more, so does he. And in PT he has begun moving a walker. Teeny, tiny step, but still. . . it’s moving.

So I apologize for the silence. We are OK over here. Rushing, busy, and often sleepy, but good.



I think the only proper way to describe how I’m feeling these days is to say that I am done. DONE. I should probably be mature or maybe poke fun at myself a little, but again, done is pretty much where I’m at.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been busy–so busy that I haven’t been able to keep up the boy’s therapy schedule. There was sickness one week and another week I went out of town for a Blogging/Social Media Conference and now I’m back and . . .

this sucks.


Talking about your kids faults all the time? Sucks.

Talking about how your parenting decisions have made a less-than-perfect child? Sucks.

Feeling like all the advice you get contradicts itself? More suckage.

And feeling not sure that anything is really doing anything anyway? You guessed it.

I’m just burned out and I can tell. Three years of Charlie therapy plus two years of twin therapy means a lot, LOT of therapy.

I could go into all the specifics, but honestly, I’m tired of the whole thing. Tired. Tired.

This is such an inspiring blog post, huh?


Peeling the Onion

Louie has been in school for about a month and he has learned so much. He’s learning how to use instruments in music class, he’s learning to walk from one place to another without throwing a big fit, he’s playing with puzzles, and sliding on slides. He is happy and that is probably the best part for me–picking up a little boy who is emotionally intact and at peace.

We had to have a conference for Mr. Louis as well, though. While I know and see that he is happy, he is still throwing a lot–LOT–of tantrums and he scares his teacher almost daily. Twice I’ve had to sign a paper stating that he hit his head on the pavement outside while doing this. He’s fine–no bumps or bruises–but definitely scaring his sweet teacher.

He’s also got some of what I would call “Lost Boy” behavior–stealing food, wandering around during meals, crying when he has to wash his hands, etc. These are, sadly, my fault. My kids share food freely and I’ve made almost no attempt to correct that behavior. My kids are all strapped in during meals to prevent wandering–when you have four, and one with food allergies, you don’t risk things.

We’ve agreed to send in the Psychologist that Early Steps has provided. She works on these very things and was recommended when it became clear that the boys were developing around each other rather than developing along the typical track. Say what you want, twins are never boring. Well, mine aren’t, anyway.

So, we thought we had most things figured out when BAM! another piece of news fell in my lap today. A while back we did a sensory profile for both boys and the daycare teachers filled out out as well. Guess who came back with the most sensory issues? That would be Louie.

Sooooooooo. . . that might be part of the problem at school. And when I think about it, it might explain some of his behavior at home as well. He LOVES to slam things. And bang things. And honestly? That’s just Louie, but maybe it’s also some sensory-seeking behavior.

The OT is going to go to school armed with this new information and hopefully she’ll have some suggestions for them as well.

These kids, man. They are something else.




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