Obsess Much?

So Lou.

We’ve made some progress with solid food–he seems to be doing just fine with fruits of all types–bannanas, apples, pears, grapes, and prunes have all worked out. He still seems to be having issues with oatmeal, so I may try rice. Rice was a disaster for Charlie, so I’ve avoided it, but maybe it will work for Louie. Who knows?

Well, Lou started crawling about a week and a half ago. It’s a commando crawl and he is into EVERYTHING! Charlie likes his boundaries, but Louie has never even heard the word–one minutes he’s in the room and the next he’s two rooms over flipping the dog’s water bowl over. The Hubs and I are 90% amused and 10% scared that he’s going to do something disastrous.

Then I noticed that Louie’s crawl is very one-sided. He uses both arms, but a lot of the time he’s only using one of his legs. I watched him for a long time and then I began to panic–just a little.

Now, I KNOW you’re not supposed to consult Dr. Google in these situations, but of course I did, and I found an article all about how asymmetrical crawling can be an early warning sign of autism. Louie’s already at a higher risk for autism since he’s a preemie and he’s got these food issues, which I’ve seen in other children with Autism, so basically, I freaked out. I mean, not crying or anything, but I went into crisis-management mode. I thought about diet. I was considering what to do about his vaccine schedule. Thought about having Early Steps come out and do another evaluation to see if he would qualify for services. Should I add private OT to his services? I was in Special Mama Mode.

Two boys in a crib dressed in green

Just Chillin'

So when we got to the PT who he sees for torticollis, I pounced: Look at his crawling! Potential early autism marker! Are you seeing anything else? Do I need to get him into OT?!?

And she? Well, she chuckled, and then told me that about half of her torticollis patients eventually show asymmetry somewhere else on their body. As for other signs of Autism? That was why she was chuckling–because Louie is so intensely social.

I’m relieved. Mostly.

I still might stick to organics and slow down the vaccine schedule. You never know.

Also: I might be a little bit crazy.

two babies in a crib dressed in green

Since You Asked

Well, several of you asked, so I tried to get a little video of Charlie’s walking practice. It’s not that his walking is so fantastic–it’s how much he seems to enjoy it. He was pretty tired, but we still got a little work in. This video shows me three things:

  1. It’s a menagerie up in here. Seriously, what’s with all the animals?
  2. My rear end is not something that needs to be seen on camera.
  3. I think that maybe the steps Hub is making are too big–what do you think?

Don’t worry about how he’s slumped at the end. The iPad is on the couch and he *must* to lean in close. After a little bit he straightens up nicely.


It took Charlie almost three years before he started doing this with any regularity. Even though he does it a lot now, I’m not sure I will EVER get tired of seeing it.

Please excuse the goofy outfit—I blame Dad completely.

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