Crying Uncle

For the record, I’m not a huge fan of whiny posts, so if you’re not either than you might want to skip this one. You’ve been warned. . .

Either tomorrow or Saturday I’ll be 35 weeks pregnant–I’m not exactly sure because those online ticker things don’t agree and I’m too lazy to figure it out for myself. This has been one spectacularly uneventful pregnancy. I had a brush with some contractions a few weeks ago, but even those have subsided and now I’m just big, big, big. I clearly had not recovered from the twins because I look like I’m pregnant with two again. Either that, or I’m giving birth to godzilla. Only time will tell.

So here I am, at the very end of this thing. I’m ordering stuff off the internet for the new babe, trying desperately to the get house in order after two weeks of solo-parenting, and generally feeling pretty good when BAM! I get hit with some of the worst pain I have ever experienced.

Two boys playing at a toy table

It’s somewhere around where my leg meets my pelvis and it shoots down into my leg. It hurts the worst when I step on one leg–so, basically when I’m walking. My twinnies still get up at night pretty regularly and it is so incredibly hard to take that first step out of bed in the dead of night when I know it’s going to send sparks rocketing down my leg. At first I thought it was nerve pain, but it’s escalated so significantly that I think it’s something more.

After much consulting with Dr. Google, I think I’m dealing with a problem with my pubic symphysis. I’m definitely hearing some popping/cracking when I walk and the other symptoms seem to fit too. Sadly, I’m not sure there’s much to be done about it besides giving birth.

So basically, I’m supposed to take care of my three children for the next four weeks with pain shooting down my leg and there’s almost nothing to be done.

I have a standing appointment with my OBGYN on Mondays now–I might start begging to push the date up a bit–I’m getting kind of desperate.

boy on a bike

Starting to move this independently, which is very cool!

A Mommy Milestone

An unexpected side effect of a difficult delivery is that watching TV can sometimes send you into a tailspin. All those adorable birth scenes in movies and TV are suddenly less so and more like instruments of torture. That great couple banter? Imagine complete silence as you and your partner realize that something is very wrong with your baby. Mom’s look of pure joy as she looks at her little one for the first time? Replace that with tears as baby is whisked away for treatment.

After an experience like Charlie’s birth, a movie like Knocked Up is a lot more like a punch a in the gut. I remember watching it with my husband and in the end he got up, cursed at the TV, and walked out. You can be handling things fairly well, and then BAM! something like that can remind you of what you didn’t get to have.

The other night, though, Hubby and I were watching the season finale of Bones–last season when Angela had her baby–and we found ourselves chuckling at this improbable TV delivery. The chatting, the complimenting. I mean, I wasn’t in labor for long, but GOOD LORD was that business painful. Like any strong, brave woman, I spent the time up until my epidural for the twins crying. I was thrilled to have them stick a needle in my spine.

It probably took me twenty-four hours to realize we’d made it through our first birth scene without wanting to kick someone. It’s really interesting because a lot of people would not consider the twin’s birth ideal. There was the whole six weeks too early thing, and the NICU stay, but they let us examine each boy when they were born and even gave a minute with each before they took them over to the NI. Seriously, when they presented us with August we weren’t even sure what to do. It was all so. . . foreign.

But it’s good too. We got to have a positive birth experience. It doesn’t erase the first, but it softens it. Provides us with another perspective.

I must say, I think it’s a Mommy Milestone.

Name That Baby!

I’m starting to itch a little bit about baby number four’s name. I don’t know how those Duggars do it, but Hubby and I are having a real hard time picking names for this one. Not only do we have to pick a name we both like, but we also have to pick a name that sounds nice with the three other names we’ve chosen.

We’re having a particularly hard time with boy names. My husband has declared his affinity for only one name: Claude. Now, I think Claude is a perfectly nice name and all, but I do not think it goes with the others: Charles, August, Louis, Claude.  It just kind of lays there–not nearly as melodic as the rest.

So like any good wife, I’ve been busy creating a list of names that I like more. Here are my front runners:

Edward. We like family names at my house. Not only is Edward my Dad’s middle name, but it’s also my Uncle’s name. Apparently my grandmother reaaaallly liked the name. It’s not as melodic as the other three, but it is Kingly, and I like that. The only drawback I can see is that my Uncle Eddie has pretty much got that nickname occupied. I’d have to use something else. I love Ted or Teddy, so we’d probably go with that.

Rex. I KNOW a lot of people think this a dog’s name, but I’ve never known a dog named Rex, so I don’t have that connotation. I like it because it reminds me a of Max, which is a name that I love, but that I already gave to my cat. Also, Rex means King, which is good and it’s also a name of a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade, so it’s a nice nod to our hometown. Hubby likes this name, but he’s worried that it’s “too much.”

Atticus. Not a family name, but my family is FULL of lawyers, and Atticus seems like the epitome of a perfect legal name. Also, my mom’s brother swears that the characters in To Kill a Mockingbird were based on their family–he and my mom lived with my grandfather, a lawyer. Not so sure about that, but cool to think about!

Dashiell. I just like it. It’s the name of a mystery writer and I love mysteries, but more than that, I just think it’s cool. Plus, it sounds good with the other names.

Girls are easier as we still have our choices from when I was sure the twins were girls. My front-runners at this point are:



I also love Etta, but I’m not sure Hubby will go for it. I’m leaning towards Edia. I really like Elodie, but Ella is by far the most popular name among people I know, and I also know two other people with Ellies. I feel like Elodie might get lost in the sea of similar names. I also think I could call Edia Edie, which is super-cute. (Because someone asked: Edia is pronounced Eh-dee-uh).

So there it is, me, over-thinking baby names. Feel free to weigh in, but if you tell me you hate it, I’m totally putting it at the top of my list. I love the idea of an unpopular baby name because then I know no one else will pick it!

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