Peeling the Onion

Louie has been in school for about a month and he has learned so much. He’s learning how to use instruments in music class, he’s learning to walk from one place to another without throwing a big fit, he’s playing with puzzles, and sliding on slides. He is happy and that is probably the best part for me–picking up a little boy who is emotionally intact and at peace.

We had to have a conference for Mr. Louis as well, though. While I know and see that he is happy, he is still throwing a lot–LOT–of tantrums and he scares his teacher almost daily. Twice I’ve had to sign a paper stating that he hit his head on the pavement outside while doing this. He’s fine–no bumps or bruises–but definitely scaring his sweet teacher.

He’s also got some of what I would call “Lost Boy” behavior–stealing food, wandering around during meals, crying when he has to wash his hands, etc. These are, sadly, my fault. My kids share food freely and I’ve made almost no attempt to correct that behavior. My kids are all strapped in during meals to prevent wandering–when you have four, and one with food allergies, you don’t risk things.

We’ve agreed to send in the Psychologist that Early Steps has provided. She works on these very things and was recommended when it became clear that the boys were developing around each other rather than developing along the typical track. Say what you want, twins are never boring. Well, mine aren’t, anyway.

So, we thought we had most things figured out when BAM! another piece of news fell in my lap today. A while back we did a sensory profile for both boys and the daycare teachers filled out out as well. Guess who came back with the most sensory issues? That would be Louie.

Sooooooooo. . . that might be part of the problem at school. And when I think about it, it might explain some of his behavior at home as well. He LOVES to slam things. And bang things. And honestly? That’s just Louie, but maybe it’s also some sensory-seeking behavior.

The OT is going to go to school armed with this new information and hopefully she’ll have some suggestions for them as well.

These kids, man. They are something else.




One Minute Recap

SO much is going on right now. So. Very. Much.

Friday was another bad day at daycare for the twins, so I picked them up and have not brought them back. I think we are officially done with daycare. I may also be done with advice. Well, I’m not done with advice, but I’m going to be a whole lot less likely to just take it. Mama knows best and all that.

I’ve made the most-difficult decision to send Louie to school and keep August at home. I’m talking regular school–shorter hours, more holidays, and the same teacher ever day. It’s also going to have a more rigid schedule, thematic units, and other school-like stuff. I think Louie is ready for a challenge and hungry for knowledge. I pray that he’s capable of keeping himself together when needed.

Charlie slouching at Meet the Teacher night.

Charlie slouching at Meet the Teacher night.

Mommy date at the splash pad.

Mommy date at the splash pad.

August is going through a serious Mommy phase. Serious. I’m taking this as a good thing–a sign of development. I don’t think it’s a good time to send him to school, however. I think now is a time for nurturing, for mommy time, and we’ll do our own little lessons, go the park, the library, etc. Rex will come along too and at Christmas we may investigate the possibility of school depending on how things go.

And Charlie? Well, Charlie starts school in less than a week and he is ready to go yesterday. We went to “meet the teacher” and he didn’t want to leave. He wanted to play on his computer, check out his old toys, and generally crawl around the room and visit with everyone. He’ll be on cloud nine come Monday.

So that’s where we are right now. All four boys are home with me this week which means it it NUTTY, but we are making it through. Somehow. Hopefully I’ll get to touch my computer a bit more after Louie and Charlie start school.

Self Explanatory

I live in a very cute neighborhood. Well, it’s actually a small town, but it’s got lots of good stuff that I can walk to including schools, the library, a park, some restaurants and a grocery. Most of the neighbors are older people who moved here to retire, but around the time that Hubby and I moved in, another couple did too.

I didn’t know them very well, but they were about our age, lived on our street, and thought it would be great if we could be friends. They were young, we were young, we both obviously had great taste in streets. It was a match made it heaven, right?

paint perfect couple

Perfect Couple

Not only that, but a year after we moved in, they had a baby! I know this, not because I’m a stalker (which I am, but only on Facebook), but because I drive past their house in order to get out of town. A baby! They had a baby, hubby and I had a baby–it was perfect. Yes?

Bird Family

Bird Family

But it never really happened. They’re local business owners, and very busy, and we run into them here and there, but that was about it, and after a while I settled into my thing and stopped dreaming about neighborly barbeques.

The other day Mrs. Perfect was walking down the street, pushing a stroller and in about five seconds the following happened:

paint august in diaper

August walked out wearing only a diaper. This is a common occurrence at my house. The kids always start out in clothes, but things happen and I don’t bother to re-dress them because life is short and my laundry pile is large. I can see, however, how this might come off as a little less than classy.

paint busterThen Buster, my painfully annoying dog began howling at Mrs. Perfect because she had a little dog with her. Buster is not good at making friends.

paint louie porch

And then Louie got so excited about the little dog with Mrs. Perfect that he actually FELL OFF THE PORCH. We have a ton of mulch around the porch in case this happens, but seriously that never happens. He was fine except he was lying in our garden and howling.

And all of this got me thinking that maybe there’s a good reason why all my friends live in the computer.

If you know what I mean.

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