Hi! I’m Katy. My husband calls me Katy Bird which is how this blog got its name. Whenever I check out an “About” page, I’m hoping to get a feel for a blogger without having to read the entire blog. So here’s the quick and dirty:

I’m a southern girl who loves family, big meals, sweet tea, and wouldn’t be caught dead grabbing or snatching up freebies because a southern girl would rather scrimp and do without than act needy.

I am a New Orleanian, which means I love good cocktails and conversation, am irreverent as hell, and am suspicious of the Federal Government. Also, I taught most of my friends how to tip and open a tab.

I am a mother. I raise my son who has cerebral palsy. His disability has both defined and refined who I am as a person.

I am a blogger. I have been blogging since the fall of ’05 when my husband deployed to the Middle East for four months. Alone in a new city,  Blogging became an outlet.

I am my own person. I love dancing, booty music, mystery novels, peanut butter, purses, shoes, decorating, and adolescent literature. Like everyone, I am a mix and a mash of so many things.

Thanks for stopping by.

Mom and child at the beach


  1. Hi Katy,
    First of all, best of luck on your upcoming twins! It is a pleasure to read the blog of another mother and writer. I an older Mum – my son Nicholas is 23 next Tuesday. I am the author of “The Four Walls of My Freedom”, a book about the meaning of a life such as mine and that of my son. My husband is the Canadian Ambassador (HIgh Commissioner) to the United Kingdom and we have lived in London for the past five years. In two days, we will move back to Canada and Nicholas will move into his own accommodation with care for the first time. Big new adventures ahead! Anyway, nice to meet a fellow traveller. Keep in touch and if you like, email me at donna4walls@gmail.com and have a look at my blog if you are looking for something to do as you wait for your big arrival; http://www.donnathomson.blogspot.com. All the best, Donna

  2. crissy nettles says:

    Hi Katy. Love your blog. I’m a former New Orleanian, currently living in Alabama where I run a bookstore and write free lance medical articles. Would you have about 10 minutes to respond to a couple of email questions for an article I am writing for Lower Extremity Review on finding shoes that fit over AFOs? I read your blog post on the subject, and while I can’t promote specific brands you love, I think you might have some insight that’s unique and valuable for my clinician audience. Kindly drop me an “ok” in the subject line and email me at crissynettles@gmail.com and I’ll drop them right in, or I can call you at your convenience if that’s easier. But as a fellow mom of 3, I’m betting emailing me at 2 am might be more realistic. Thanks in advance.

  3. Amanda B says:

    We are looking into ABR for our 4 year old son. I read on one of your entries that several of the families you started ABR with didn’t go beyond the first year. Do you know why? Was it lack of money, time or progress?

  4. Sarah Lawson says:

    Hi Katy,
    I have to admit I’m a newbie to the blogging world, so this is the best place I could find to try to get a hold of you directly about a post you made on “No Time for Flashcards.” I was hoping to get some information about permissions regarding the Teaching Turkey you did there. Could you e-mail me directly at littlescribblersartclub@gmail.com? Thanks in advance to another busy mama.

  5. Katy, you are doing a fab job bringing up cute little Charlie. Keep believing in him so he will keep believing in himself and exceed the expectations of many.
    Thanks for the follow on Twitter!

  6. Hi Katy,

    As for the problem with finding winter snow boots to go over AFOs (my son’s are non-articulating, so stay at 90 degrees and won’t bend), I am going to try: BootGuardZ–


    Seems like it’s impossible to find the soft smushy boots they make for toddlers in the bigger kids sizes. i couldn’t figure out how to post, but please post this for the other parents. Loved the site and it helped–I am not the only mom struggling with this!

  7. Gail Davis says:

    Hey Katy!
    Thanks for the AFO info. I ran across your blog while searching for boots for my 17-year-old to wear over her braces. While extremely informative, I still have not found any boots for her and she is sorely disappointed. Does anyone here have any suggestions? We thought we had found something with a zipper, but after we got her foot with the AFOs into it, it would not zip.

    Thanks so much!

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  9. Hi Katie,
    I miss your blog!

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  11. Raymond Britt says:

    Sorry to have lost contact, re Lance Corporal Benny Hack, Vietnam War.

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