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Ten Months

In June of last year I had about three different ideas for a website. I wanted something not personal and commercially viable. I wrote all my ideas on scraps of paper, folded them up, and then had my husband pick a scrap from my cupped hands. I made a deal with myself that I would chase down whichever idea he picked for one year without backing down or giving up.

He picked “Blog for the Northshore” out of my hands and I got to work.

I started off mostly clueless. I wasn’t sure how often I wanted to post or what topics to cover.

I convinced a friend to join me–told her that if this idea worked she could pull off her site in her area. Again, I thought we might be working on the one site for about a year.

I was wrong.

Four months later my friend branched off into her own site.

A month after that a friend of mine from high school let me know she wanted to create her own site and we began the process of getting someone else off the ground and running their own site.

The following month an experienced blogger approached us about a site in her area. 

Two months after that an established site asked if they could join the network we were developing. 

So we grew four sites in about six months–only halfway to that year mark.

Last weekend the writers on my site and I raised almost $800 for a local charity.

My site owners are selling ads.

And planning events.

We have another site slated to open in the coming months and I’m starting to think hard about where we want the site after that to be.

Every day I get to chat with smart women about their businesses (truly my favorite part). I get to research for them and coach them when they need it. I get to help my community and assist small business owners who need to market themselves.

I knew the idea was good, but had no idea how much richness would come from it. How many times over I would be blessed.

My kids are good too–I promise to blog about them soon.

Just wanted to say thank you to the Universe.

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