I think the only proper way to describe how I’m feeling these days is to say that I am done. DONE. I should probably be mature or maybe poke fun at myself a little, but again, done is pretty much where I’m at.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been busy–so busy that I haven’t been able to keep up the boy’s therapy schedule. There was sickness one week and another week I went out of town for a Blogging/Social Media Conference and now I’m back and . . .

this sucks.


Talking about your kids faults all the time? Sucks.

Talking about how your parenting decisions have made a less-than-perfect child? Sucks.

Feeling like all the advice you get contradicts itself? More suckage.

And feeling not sure that anything is really doing anything anyway? You guessed it.

I’m just burned out and I can tell. Three years of Charlie therapy plus two years of twin therapy means a lot, LOT of therapy.

I could go into all the specifics, but honestly, I’m tired of the whole thing. Tired. Tired.

This is such an inspiring blog post, huh?


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  1. If you’re done the kids probably are too. Take a break. Do stuff just for fun. Have a day of doing as little as possible. Despite what all those therapists and teachers will have you believe your needs are important and missing a session here or there isn’t gonna make all that much difference.

  2. As my sisters and I say to one another, “I hear you barking, big dog.”

  3. I’ve been there and it is only therapy for one child! I can only imagine what triple that amount would be like. The best thing I when I was DONE is stopped all therapies. All of them – PT, OT, Speech, Hearing, Vision. I think we stopped for a couple of months. It was fantastic! I was able to reconnect with my children and do things on our own schedule. And the wild thing is Emma made so much progress during that time. I think she was burnt out, too. When we were ready to go back to the wild schedule it felt like time. It felt right and not so burdensome. We pared down the frequency and increased the intensity and found a schedule that we could all live with.

    Oh, and a glass of wine helps me, too :-)

    Love the photos of the children with the pumpkins!

  4. I am at this exact same place this morning. Taking a break whether for a day or for a few weeks might be just what the “doctor” ordered.

  5. Obviously I would be a real jerk to blame my depression and PTSD and eventual pain pill addiction on my special needs child but the way I reacted to the stress in my life was not good, so I have to say to all you moms who are fatigued, get help, of the kind that works, and give yourself the break you deserve before you sink utterly, because it sucks to bottom out and feel even more so that you aren’t good enough to parent these kids. Be kind to yourself dear, you are entitled to be fatigued, your plate is over full. And we have taken therapy breaks and yet my daughter is doing better than I ever dreamed when she was an infant and I started losing it.

  6. i call your attention to the video blog below!

  7. I think we’ve all been there right with you in being Done. I only have one kid worth of never ending therapies though. Hang in there Mama. It won’t be too long before you are feeling ready to set the world on fire again. xoxo

  8. ((hugs))

  9. Oh, I hear ya! I think taking a break, like mentioned above, might be just the thing you all need. Just because we have kids with needs doesn’t mean there is some directive that we have to be inspiring all the time. Too much pressure. This is real. This is real hard. Make some time to relax. Hugs!

  10. I can understand being burned out… I have one and he is only 7 months old and he burns me out :) But… that said… you know… you have three beautiful kids!!

  11. Hugs, Katie. I so hear you.

    However you decide to cope, be kind to yourself. When well-meaning folks tell you to “take time to get away,” feel free to ignore them. They haven’t a clue how long it takes to get your kids ready so that you can leave…and how you are too exhausted from the prep work to enjoy yourself once you get there. They don’t know the sweaty panic of worrying over what might be going wrong in your absence…Sigh.

    But putting a brake on the activities and therapies is quite a different story. A rousing tickle fight is every bit as “therapeutic” as a formal session of therapy. So is a good snuggle with four drowsy boys and a great picture book, or a relaxing stroll with your boys through the woods or neighborhood (although, hmmm…”four little boys” and “relaxing” probably don’t fit into the same sentence)…

    You know I love your blog and following how your precious crew is doing. But if talking about them adds to your sense of “done-ness,” it’s okay to take a break from it. I will admit I have had to step WAY BACK from my own blog and just not talk about all the things going on. For me, it does add to burn-out. Taking those moments previously set aside for blogging and spending them on something non-kid related has been healthy for me. I’ll get back to writing someday when the intensity of therapies in our family life settles, but for now, there is no journaling, or blogging…just clearing my mind with a few precious minutes of the activities I enjoyed prior to the demands of therapies (reading, sewing, tatting, playing with our dogs or goats…). Letting my mind wander to something completely unrelated to the daily demands of parenting has been very good for my personal mental health.

    One more little kindness to yourself…your kids are in the most demanding years of their lives. They will grow more independent. Even if some of their needs stay constant (we’re 17 years in that boat), there are other areas of maturity that will develop and help reduce your stress. It WILL come. Hang in there!

    Hugs, hugs, and more hugs…

  12. Hang in there. Sometimes the best we can do is just HANG ON, and that is okay.

  13. I know exactly what you mean! I think I’ve just reached the maximum level of output and life keeps demanding more every day. When you’re trying to juggle so much it just seems like nothing ever gets done or gets easier. But then… eventually, it starts to get better. Hang in there long enough and it’s gotta get better. Although it might get a little worse first before it gets better. But law of averages WILL rule out… eventually. If we don’t go insane first. :) lol Maybe it’s a sign to talk about something that brings you a feeling of accomplishment or success instead. You can use your blog to bring you more of what you need. I spent 10 years blogging about me and my journey through cognitive behavioral therapy. After all that talk about me, me, me, I decided I was sick to death of that topic and needed to write something else. And I did and it’s been much better since. :) Take a deep breath – it WILL get better, I promise! (I just can’t promise when. :)