So How’s August?

Maybe you’re wondering! Maybe you’d like to know how things are going since I yanked him out of preschool and began the slow process of turning him into Boo Radley.

Actually, he’s doing pretty dang great. There are things that I have always known about him, but now I have a chance to really see them and see how those things can make it difficult for him to be successful.

He’s got the low tone. LOW. He’s also easily frustrated. This combination means that he’s likely to give up before mastering things.

So we’re working hard on some fine motor things and I’m seeing improvement.

I’ve also got him on a lot of supplements. I read and read, and add things to see if they help. I think we’re up to four supplements.  He’s friendlier than ever and loves to play. He’s babbling a little bit which is great because it’s him talking–not just imitating, but really saying something. He’s trying to interact with Louis which is new. He’s doing a great job responding to his name. His belly is a lot flatter and I’m seeing a lot less of the hurting-tummy behaviors.

Is he perfect? Nope. Is he good? Absolutely.

I also took him to see a DAN doctor. That’s a person who treats autism disorders with the belief that there’s an underlying cause. This lady has recommended several tests to assess August’s digestion and as soon as I scrape together a few dollars, I’ll be getting that done. I’m hoping this will reveal any underlying allergies or food intolerances because I know I haven’t found them all. He still has these dark circles under his eyes that they call allergic shiners.

Louie is good too–loving school, learning so much, coming home covered in dirt and sand.

Things are good right now. They really are. I’m trying to enjoy the calm while it’s here.

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  1. You are the best. That comment about Boo Radley made me laugh out loud. And I’m so happy to hear that August is doing all right. Onward, right?

  2. Wonderful to hear. Which supplements are you giving him?

  3. Hooray! I knew you’d make progress, knowing you and getting the chance to get a little August time to zero in on things.

    And, of course, I am all connected in the ASD community if you ever need to run stuff past people.

  4. I’m so happy to read this update!

  5. That is great news about August!

  6. Are you doing a B12 injection? I tried those with Luke and saw no changes. But I do know folks who saw improvement in less than a week! Based on your food “experiments” sounds like the DAN doctor heading in a good direction.

    Thanks for the update!

  7. Thanks for the catch up. You know I fear lurking metabolic stuff, your state has expanded newborn screening, right? And no anemia, right? I love probiotics here, too. When I started giving daily to the kids the rate of regular colds dropped by half. Charlie pix?