One Minute Recap

SO much is going on right now. So. Very. Much.

Friday was another bad day at daycare for the twins, so I picked them up and have not brought them back. I think we are officially done with daycare. I may also be done with advice. Well, I’m not done with advice, but I’m going to be a whole lot less likely to just take it. Mama knows best and all that.

I’ve made the most-difficult decision to send Louie to school and keep August at home. I’m talking regular school–shorter hours, more holidays, and the same teacher ever day. It’s also going to have a more rigid schedule, thematic units, and other school-like stuff. I think Louie is ready for a challenge and hungry for knowledge. I pray that he’s capable of keeping himself together when needed.

Charlie slouching at Meet the Teacher night.

Charlie slouching at Meet the Teacher night.

Mommy date at the splash pad.

Mommy date at the splash pad.

August is going through a serious Mommy phase. Serious. I’m taking this as a good thing–a sign of development. I don’t think it’s a good time to send him to school, however. I think now is a time for nurturing, for mommy time, and we’ll do our own little lessons, go the park, the library, etc. Rex will come along too and at Christmas we may investigate the possibility of school depending on how things go.

And Charlie? Well, Charlie starts school in less than a week and he is ready to go yesterday. We went to “meet the teacher” and he didn’t want to leave. He wanted to play on his computer, check out his old toys, and generally crawl around the room and visit with everyone. He’ll be on cloud nine come Monday.

So that’s where we are right now. All four boys are home with me this week which means it it NUTTY, but we are making it through. Somehow. Hopefully I’ll get to touch my computer a bit more after Louie and Charlie start school.

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  1. Mama most certainly knows best… And Mama is the one who has to be able to sleep at night.

  2. Katy,

    I was so excited to see an update pop up on my reader. I continue to be impressed with your awesomeness (HA! not a word, but it works for me) as a mom!!! I like that you go with your instinct, not with the endless advice that moms receive.

    I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you will do what is best for each of your children as individuals. I’m sure that this can be a challenge with twins, but sharing a birthday doesn’t mean that their journey will be the same.

    Thanks for continuing to share your family story.

  3. Seems like y’all are on a good streak! Look forward to seeing you later this week! :)

  4. You know, people say it to me and I just roll my eyes, but I honestly don’t know how you do it! I love coming here when you post and just gazing on your adorable boys. They are each so unique, and I admire so much how you write about their lives, their struggles and their hilarious antics. I hope you get SOME rest every now and then!!

  5. Everyone has an opinion and you’ll never please them all… so focus on the one that counts – you, because you know your children and their needs.

  6. Thank goodness your children have you!

  7. I recently made a difficult decision about my 5 year old and a very wise kindergarten teacher of 36 years said “no decision you make is going to ruin your child at five years old.” I said that’s correct, right? I can always change my mind, right? I’m not going to ruin her, right? Her answer, “you can’t. You are a good mother because you love your kids and you try to do what’s best for them. No choice you make now is going to make or break that child. She’s little. Love her. She’ll be fine.”
    I’m repeating this to you because I think you’d appreciate it. No choice you make right now is going to make or break those children. They are little. Love them. They’ll be fine.

  8. Sounds perfect to me! Follow that mommy intuition.
    hoping for divine intervention with my twins as well. I am not sure who is not ready me or them LOL

  9. that chair seems so small now. can you raise the seat on it?