Public Service Announcement

Today when I was waiting for the lift to lower Charlie’s wheelchair off the bus, a man in a Cadillac tried to speed past us. We both shook our heads for a minute and then she said to me, “Did you know that there are parents at school that complain to the principal that it takes to long to unload the special needs bus?”

So here’s my public service announcement for all the people out there that think it’s a drag waiting around for the handicap kids to get off of their school bus:

Take that time, and any other time that you’re inconvenienced by someone with a disability and use to thank the Lord you don’t need those services.


You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. Andrea S says:


  2. Well, I have a different thing to say to those people . . . and it is much less polite than what you’ve said. I’ve also had someone tell me that their child shouldn’t have to “yield” to my child on the
    DISABLED swings at our accessible park just because she has a disability because his kid is “just a kid too,” and when I fumbled and tried to make sense of it all – and to respond with grace (though I didn’t want to – I wanted to tell him to go eff himself, but Sammie was there and she needs to see me handle those situations with grace), he turned to his child and said this was a good lesson for him that some people are just mean in this world and have a sense of entitlement. MIND YOU THIS WAS AT THE UNIVERSALLY ACCESSIBLE PARK AND ON THE DISABLED SWING AND MY CHILD VERY OBVIOUSLY CANNOT GO ON A “TYPICAL” SWING AND HIS CHILD HAD JUST JUMPED OFF SAID TYPICAL SWING AND WANTED TO “TRY OUT” THE DISABLED/FULLY SUPPORTIVE ONE.

    Great lesson that jackass is teaching his child, and great lesson the jackasses complaining at your school are teaching theirs. Sheesh.

  3. Paulette says:

    So true… And sad. But this applies to so many things- the parents shooting my kid a dirty look for making weird noises in public, people judging children with autism who melt down in public or don’t respond in ways they think kids should… The parents who complain that their child can’t bring cupcakes to school because of the “inconvenience” of having another child with food allergies in their kid’s classroom, etc, and so on. Basically, unless people are capable of empathy and compassion, or of having the perspective that the world doesn’t revolve around them or their healthy kids, they are going to be rude and inconsiderate. And unfortunately those same rude parents are probably teaching their kids to be intolerant of people with special needs.

  4. AMEN!!! Seconding what Paulette says!!

    Oh scream!!! Is that Charlie standing?

  5. Christina Jacobs mom says:

    Thank you so much for that public announcement!!! It is so sad that there are people out there that complain about a bus lift and the time it takes to load or unload a child in a wheelchair. I would rather be my sons parent/advocate any day, then be known as “that person” who took the time to complain.

  6. There is a little girl in a wheelchair that lives up the block from us and on our single lane street if you get caught behind the bus there really is no alternative but to wait. But I have seen people reverse (dangerously fast) to the previous intersection and even honk at the bus as the lift is being lowered.
    It’s simply hard to believe people can be like that.

  7. These are the same folks whoget ticked off at having to yield to sirens I’ll bet. Instead of getting hacked off about pulling over or getting stuck in traffic because of an accident, just realize that someone is having a much harder day than you. Have some compassion people. “There but for the grace of God go I.”

  8. You tell ’em girl! People can be so insensitive. We have this problem at the Neurologist’s office. I know their time is tight but the nurses can’t stand it that it takes My daughter a while to get used to the idea of getting weighed and measured. God help us if she has just started flipping through a magazine because she can’t stop until she’s flipped through the whole thing!

  9. Love it!

  10. Kaitlin says:

    Oh man, how dare that person with a disability inconvenience ME. I hate having to deal with this. I bet that person just LOVES inconvenicing me. I bet hes doing it out of SPITE. I bet this isn’t even inconvenient for him, I bet he ENJOYS that it takes really long to get off the bus. I bet that woman ENJOYS that her chronic pain gives her an excuse to park close to the store. I bet that man ENJOYS being blind. I can’t BELIEVE I have to put up with this, I could be using my time so much better. I’m so much more important after all!

  11. Lord, this post made me so upset. What is wrong with people–so insensitive!!

    Charlie looks amazing standing there at the table. He has come so far! Good work Mommy and Charlie.