I Could Be Handling It Better

I say it a lot, but I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s true: Mothering is not for the faint of heart.

The twins started daycare last week, and I’m not sure who’s handing it worse–them on me.

Louis did pretty well the first day, mostly distracted by the new toy phenomenon, but is completely horrified that I expect him to go back every other day. By the time I picked him up at the end of day two, he was a sniveling mess trying to tell me just how terrible it all was, by muttering “dah, dah, dah” for about five minutes straight. I really need to learn how to speak Louis.

August is doing OK. Well, he seems to be OK after I pry him off of me limb by limb. Usually he’s stopped screaming before I’ve walked out the building. He’s pretty good when I pick him up, though. I little crying, but totally happy once we’ve started heading for the car.

I watch them a lot on the closed circuit television channel the school has. It’s hard for me to understand how this is eventually going to improve their speech and social skills, but I’m trying to have faith in the process.

I really have no idea how working mothers do this. Hell, I don’t know how I’m doing it. Ever fiber in my being is screeching at me to SAVE THE BABIES.

So far, I have resisted, and have picked them up at the very reasonable hour of 3:30. They are making more sounds, so I guess that’s progress of a sort.

Like I said, not for the faint of heart.

The boys in daycare does allow us to do fun things like go out to eat for Charlie's birthday. So there's that.

The boys in daycare does allow us to do fun things like go out to eat for Charlie’s birthday. So there’s that.

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  1. Are they in the same class or different ones? My twins (almost 8 years old now) were always very easy to leave in any new environment as long as they were together.

    • We’ve separated them because we think that will help them get talking quicker. It’s cute to see them happy to see each other at the end of the day.

  2. And, hang in there, mama! Everyone will adjust in the long run.

  3. You are doing the right thing…you said so yourself that they are already making new sounds! Change is often difficult but everyone will adjust faster than you think. I had the luxury of keeping my eldest out of nursery when he was a baby because my Mom was able to keep him for me during the day. However, when Chunky Monkey came along 9 yrs later, we had to put him in nursery at 10 wks old. Since it’s all he’s known, he’s never given us a problem. He just turned 1 and moved into a new room at his nursery for the “walkers”…and absolutely LOVES it! He has a blast & is so worn out from all the playing that he finally started sleeping through the night at 13 months old!!! Stay strong & positive & keep a smile on your face. Remember, they will take their cues from you, Mom! =)

    • You make a good point–I should try to adjust my attitude a little when I pick them up!

      I suspect it is easier if they’ve always known a home away from home. Because I have so many, we are almost always home and tend to bring in sitters rather then sending them places. This is a bit of an adjustment for all of us.

  4. Luca went to day care from 4 mths old to about 22 mths (until we moved). While some days were hard (for me), I think the experience was great for L. He’s such a friendly and social guy and I think that a lot of that is attributed to day care and socializing with other kids. Everyone will get used to their new routine quickly. It’s great that the daycare has CCTV!

    • I’m not sure if CCTV is a blessing or a curse! It was interesting yesterday because I noticed that August was acting a little funny and then they called me to say he had a fever. Hopefully this will be good for the twins–even if it kills me for a little while!

  5. Charlie looks so grown up!!!!!

  6. ok I am going to be contrary.
    If your guts says keep them home a little longer by all means keep them. Speech will come. maybe you can do something that is shorter like until lunch time because maybe it is encroaching on their nap time.
    I tried at least 3-5 playschools with my boy, he was not quite 2, before my doc said maybe he just isn’t ready. He literally would wail all 3 hours that I left him. I took off a year from trying and when he was 3.5 he went way easier. He started talking at 4.
    That being said it usually takes the kiddies about 2- 3 weeks to totally embrace the routine of school. ((hugs))
    Coincedentally, My two are actually doing their first day at play school today yikes. And they are handling way better than me lol.

  7. Did their therapists suggest this? I’m just curious since I may have missed you saying that part. I am sure it is hard in some ways, it used to tear me apart to drop my guy when I worked. But I still think it was better for him and me at the time…

  8. Paulette says:

    I do think the process will get easier on everyone. And I certainly don’t think day care is going to hurt them, and it will be good for you to have some time with just Rex. Hopefully it will give the twins more social opportunities. But this notion that they aren’t talking because they have been at home and not in day care seems a little silly to me. My mom kept me home as a baby and I started talking at 10 months. Some kids are early talkers and some are late talkers. And some late talkers catch up and there is nothing wrong (hopefully this is the case with yours). But sometimes there’s a reason a child isn’t talking (e.g., autism, apraxia, etc.) and sending a kid to day care vs keeping them home isn’t going to change that. It might make it more obvious though. Just my opinion.

  9. Just wondering, does your school district have early childhood special education classes? I teacher in one , we take kids from 2 until 5 and they are in a language rich environment with a speech pathologist and occupational and physical therapists when needed. There is no charge to the parent and it is a 4 hour day. It sounds like something like that would be beneficial to your boys.

  10. Oh gosh–daycare must be so not easy. I am not one to give advice since I couldn’t even put Merrick in the church nursery for 45 minutes once a week when he was 2. But I’ll tell you this–when I was cool about it, so was he. When I was anxious, so was he. I really, really hope that it gets easier for all of you fast. Good luck and good vibes!

  11. Charlie is so handsome and grown up looking in that photo! I am glad that you guys got to get out like that.

    Hugs about the daycare scene. I have no advice that is productive in the slightest. But, I am so glad to hear that they are making more sounds.

  12. I don’t know how you do it. Do they have to be there for the full day? Seb has had nursery school for 3 years and its only been on the morning. I know he’s ready for full day next year, but am I? I hope it gets easier for all of you. Im glad They are making more sounds. Hang in there. Gorgeous pic of Charlie. Happy birthday.