Hi There

Hey, everybody. Poking my head out again after a week of unbridled sickness to say hello. I think we’re through the worst of it. I hope we are, but if you were wondering why I wasn’t blogging, that’s why.

Monday August got sent home from daycare with a fever. Then he threw up. My kids aren’t really pukers, so I took this as a bad sign.

Tuesday was a little better and then not better.

Wednesday had me in the doctor’s office with three sobbing children ages one and under. While I was in the waiting room I saw one tiny baby with three adults–some days I’m convinced I’m doing this thing all wrong. Turns out August had hand-foot-mouth, and Rex and Louie had ear infections. Hooray!

Hand-foot-mouth is one of my least-favorite childhood illnesses–it seems to drag on forever, it’s very painful, and it’s kind of gross. When Charlie got it he also got an all expense (not) paid trip to the hospital where we hung out for a few days, so I have a bunch of negative associations with this particular bug.

It’s now almost-Sunday and we seem to be pulling through the worst of it. Louie now also has hand-foot-mouth and we’re keeping an eye on Rex as well, but no one has a fever, no one is vomiting, and moods are improving.  August is over the worst of it and will be back in school on Monday.

Also: this weekend was the twins’ and Rex’s birthday. Thank goodness we had their party last week, huh?

Otherwise, the boys are good. August, who has been miserable for days, is still better than he is when he’s had gluten. I feel tremendously good about him. I feel good about all my boys, really. Granted, I have a whole house of non-talkers, but we’re getting places and my heart isn’t heavy with worry and more than anything I trust my mama-radar. Things will come together. And if they don’t? We’ll manage that too.

Night y’all and Happy Father’s Day.

The sickies in their native environment.

The sickies in their native environment.


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  1. Ah, the joys of daycare! Hope the twins don’t bring home too many fun germs to share!

  2. Oh yeah…daycare. School. Church. I forgot about other people’s germy kids. In fact, whatever benefits the boys were getting is surely not worth the handfootmouth/strep throat/flu/coldfromhell/ebola virus and whatnot they’re sure to get. I’m totally kidding but kind of not. Merrick came down with every disease known to man his first year “out of the house”…and it’s not like my house is even clean, so I don’t really know what that’s all about. I sure hope you guys are all starting to feel better–hang in there mom!

  3. Happy Birthday to the young boys
    Wishing you a bug free week 😀

  4. Oh, gosh. Foot and mouth disease — a horrible memory from when my three were small. It’s so awful — even Henry (now 15), the most amiable baby on the planet acted like a crazy person when he had that. I was convinced that it affected his central nervous system in more ways than one. I’m glad yours are recovering and hope you get some down time soon. HA!, right?