graphic reading "Little Joy Map"

Joy! Remember? I bet you thought I forgot, but I didn’t. This month I’m focusing on being more present in the moment with my children. For someone who love, LOVES her smart phone and who is maybe a *tad* ADHD, I have to say that this is a tough one for me, but that’s why I’m working on it!

So here’s what I’m doing–I’m closing my laptop for a good chunk of the day–especially in the morning when the kids are their brightest. I’m also making sure mornings are TV-free. This way the focus is completely on the kids and what they’re doing. It’s been great, actually! If they take even a momentary interest in something, I’m able to leap up and encourage them. I’m also cleaning a little, which is never a bad thing.


But guess what else I’m doing? I’m trying to take more pictures. With my phone. I know! I have to be very disciplined to get this done, but I think it’s a good thing too. I feel like if I take a second and just try to capture those little moments, that I’ll enjoy them a little more. Or maybe remember them better?

But then I have to put it down. Quick!

So I’m unplugging and plugging in at the same time. But it’s working.


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  1. I love this and totally agree, 100%. I am also trying to do the same things.

  2. These are good goals. I’ve got to get better at taking pictures.

  3. What happened to bird bits?

  4. I took a break from Facebook and was amazed at how much more engaged I became with my kids. I had no idea how much time I was wasting. I hope unplugging reveals much for you!

  5. Oh my gosh, those smiles!

    I am trying too, Katy. It’s SO hard with all the distractions. Good for you!!


  6. You’re doing a great job! I love the idea of living in the moment yet also capturing it for memories..