Crazy Revealed

Ok. So here’s the deal: I’m giving the kids camel’s milk. I’m 98% sure this is legal. I had to jump through a bunch of hoops, so it’s not quite the same as buying it at the supermarket.

I’m giving August and Louis two ounces a day.

The rationale?

Supposedly, camel’s milk is folk remedy for food allergies.

Since I removed gluten from August’s diet I’ve seen two things: one, he’s doing fabulous, but two, when he is around it, he responds even more severely. He’s broken out in a rash after touching an unwashed tray that used to have pasta on it. He’ll eat a CRUMB and the dark circles show up. I thought maybe this could be a buffer for us–a chance for his stomach lining to heal a little.

Guess what? It’s been smashing success. Before the camel’s milk, August seemed good–he was spinning and flapping less, he was friends, his eye contact was great.

With it, he’s making progress. Yesterday I called his name and he came in from another room. Even if he doesn’t come when you call, he’ll stop and look or turn his head. He’s playing with new toys including ones that are more complicated than just pushing a button. But even pushing buttons is better than wandering around and not really playing with anything! Today I was showing him a flashcard with his name on it and saying “August” and he imitated me!

It’s good stuff. I’m not sure how long we’ll be doing this since it is NOT CHEAP, but for now I’d say it’s totally worth it.

He's a Happy Boy

He’s a Happy Boy


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  1. 1. Oh GROSS!

    2. But I’m glad it’s working.

    3. A question, what if you’re allergic to dairy (seriously)? I’m assuming it wouldn’t help with that?

  2. Julie R says:

    Relieved that it’s not whipworms….

    It sounds like it could be a wheat allergy rather than a gluten issue specifically. Or a dairy allergy. Might be worth doing some allergy testing if you haven’t already.

  3. so awesome! hey, if it works, it works! If I had results like that I’d bathe in the stuff. Im curious as to where it came from? There is a farm near DFW airport where I see a camel in the field. I wonder if I could get a deal???

  4. Camel Milk? Hmmm, never heard of it but if it works, then why not?

  5. I work with a Somali girl, and we had a conversation about milk. Camel milk is her absolute favorite! Do you have a Somali community nearby? She said she was able to get it at stores that sold Somali food. Just a thought!

  6. shannon says:

    Have you read any of the info about fecal transplants? I know a family that did it a few months ago for their severely autistic daughter. I’llhave to ask if there have been any improvements.

  7. Oh Wow! Never heard of using that before, but I’m so glad it’s working!!

  8. Awesome!

  9. Oh wow! I have never heard of this… I feel I have to try it. Thanks for sharing and so happy that it is giving August some relief.

  10. That’s awesome! WTG mama!

  11. Thanks for ending the suspense. Are you able to obtain it in your state? And how did you find your source?


  12. Tell me how/where to find it! H has life threatening allergies to tree nuts.

  13. Whoa… this is so interesting! Is the milk pasteurized? Have you tried the kefir? I hope you will continue to let us know how it is going… I am really interested in this.

  14. Katy, I’m so happy for you and the family! The scientist in me says to document EVERYTHING. Take pictures, maybe even give him a crumb of gluten to see the difference-and repeat it, reproducibility is everything. I know that might not seem like fun, but I do think it would be helpful for many people. If you’re comfortable with it– using your kids as guinea pigs (I know that sounds terrible, but sometimes it’s the only way!). In any case–sounds like things are going well!!

  15. What wonderful news! I’m so thrilled for you all!

  16. Katy your dedication astounds me. So I am really, really curious about how camel’s milk actually tastes. And where it ships from. And I’m not gonna lie–it does sound weird. But then again, so does gluten-free anything, simply because I could live off of Little Debbie oatmeal cream pies. Live, I tell you.