Crazy Mom

Every parent is different, but almost every parent I know has considered doing something “alternative” for their special needs child. They don’t all make the leap–but most of them think about it. With Charlie, I was as disciplined as I could be. I researched EVERYTHING–cranial sacral, chiropractic, stem cells, HBOT, conductive education, ABR, Feldenkrais, ABM, Masgutova, patterning, supplements, and so on. I read

studies, I evaluated videos and blog posts. I considered sources, and looked for measurable progress versus generalities. Whenever I questioned my decisions, my husband would ask me, “have you read something that’s changed your mind?” and I would always go with the facts, not my gut.

Which is why it surprised me so much when I veered completely off course last week.

It started with an email from a friend who said she was trying something very off-the-beaten path with her child who has autism. She was guarded, but sent me a few links to investigate.

My investigation led me to a few more place where I found out that this unusual item would be shipping out in just twenty-four hours, so if I wanted to get some, now was the time.

This is where I started to lose my mind a little (or maybe a lot).

I was not all that impressed by the research–there just wasn’t enough of it, in my opinion. There were no videos on the topic, and there were like two blog posts–both written by parents who had their kids on every imaginable supplement and vitamin. And two posts? Not a ton of information there.

But that dang “Shipping Tomorrow!” thing kept pressing at the back of my brain. When would the next time come? Weeks? A month?

I was like one of those women lined up for a bridal sample sale.

Before I knew it I had shelled out over one hundred dollars (a lot over).

And this arrived in the mail two days later:



Completely off the rails.

You know what else? I frickin’ love this stuff. Might as well be magic in a bottle.

But I’m a little scared to tell you guys what it is because it’s the craziest thing you’ve ever heard of.

Any guesses?

Ever done anything crazy for you kids?

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  1. The suspense is killing me – what is it? And besides the “shipping tomorrow”, what do you love about it?


  2. Paulette says:

    I could answer but then I’d ruin the surprise. :) I want an update by the way!

  3. What IS that?

  4. Kristin says:

    I’m going to guess it’s breastmilk because that is the craziest thing I can think of.

  5. Something related to camels? I am finding it hard to get work done this morning trying to guess.

  6. Julie R says:

    I know there are people who treat their children’s autism with parasitic whipworms ( The idea is that autism is an autoimmune system and the worms reduce the abnormal immune response.

    It would be kind of crazy to try this sort of treatment without trying lots of other options first.

    • Yes, well, I have not tried whip worms. One of the big requirements for me is that something has to be relatively low risk. I’m not sure whip worms would qualify.

  7. What is it? It looks like milk, but that doesn’t sound unusual enough.

    And yes, I’ve done plenty of crazy things for my kids and will probably do plenty more :).

    • You are in the right neighborhood.

      So glad someone else is willing to admit to being a little crazy!

  8. My guess would be something like raw milk/probiotics/parasites/etc. –any of a range of organisms to promote a diverse internal environment. After reading “An Epidemic of Absence” and a bunch of scientific papers (New England Journal of Medicine, and the like) on the Hygiene Hypothesis, I’m less of a skeptic. But, whatever it is, good luck!

    • Thanks. You are in the right neighborhood. In fact, we have done some probiotic yogurt, but I didn’t see a dramatic difference.

  9. Okay, the jigs up, tell us what it is! 😉 Or at least tweet me. lol.

  10. If it’s goat or sheep’s milk, I know of a local (Hammond) source…

  11. Camel’s milk?? I’ve read something about that.

  12. Colostrum?

  13. I actually have given my son fermented foods, they smell yucky and taste sour just because the hubbie insisted.