Big Changes

It’s a big week at our house. On Wednesday, the twins will start attending Daycare three days a week.

My mommy heart is hurting pretty bad. Well, my mommy-stomach. I have about a million different things that are worrying me, but I hope it’s all going to work out.

The place was recommended by one of our therapists and they just happened to have a three-day-a-week opening starting this week. The boys are going to be placed in two different classes, which I think is good for them, but again, I’m nervous. Mostly I just hope they don’t cry too much when I have to drop them off because I’ll be tempted to just scoop them up and run back home with them.

I’ve ordered clothing labels and diapers, and ordered up immunization records–the director even understood about our wonky records and is very accommodating.

So, it’s me and Rexie. And hopefully the boys will get better at their talking and stuff. They’re both trying to imitate now, which I think is a good sign–they’re not very good at it, but these things can be worked out, right?

Wish us all luck–I might be crying in my Diet Coke come Wednesday.

The swing--otherwise known as the kiddie tranquilizer.

The swing–otherwise known as the kiddie tranquilizer.

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  1. They will do GREAT! I remember well the day I dropped off our little girl at day care for the first time… she was adopted from an orphanage, and all I could think of was how I was putting her back into an orphanage for the day… But, she ran right in, joined in the fun and LOVES IT! It’s so much harder on us mommies… for them it’s Friends! Toys! Good luck!

  2. I had twins in one of my classes (together) then we split them up once they moved to an older class. They really took off as individuals. It was really awesome to watch, if that means anything to help you out there.

  3. Julie R says:

    It’s great they had two openings! I was often limited in care options for my twins because the most popular places usually only had one opening.

    They will be fine, mama. Try to enjoy your time with just one of your littles at home. It will likely be good for him to have some of your undivided attention

  4. Oh Katy I am sure they will be fine! I know Wednesday has come and gone, I hope with ease. Even Barnyardmama needs a break once in a while!

  5. They are sooo cute! The twins couldn’t be more different could they? I understand how you feel about daycare. But after they get used to it I’m sure they’ll love it! And if they don’t you can always take them out!