My computer tells me that it is now the thirteenth of April and I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted one Little Joy Map post all month. I think it’s time for me to regroup and start fresh. Funny thing is, the stuff I have tried is really working. My husband has been out of town doing some military service and I have been FINE. Just fine. All those routines and mantras about sleep have really paid off. Imagine that! I have actually made my life better by, you know, trying to make it better. I think I’m just going to focus on next month and let this one go.


Charlie and I are heading to Montreal in about a week to visit with ABR creator Leonid Blyum. Leonid is quite smart and crazy-detailed, so I look forward to meeting with him and hearing what he has to say about Charlie progress and what we can do to help him continue to progress. I hate to fly and my last flights to and from Dallas were especially bumpy, so I’m hoping I make it through this trip without throwing up on any innocent strangers.


When Charlie was two, I started doing educational units with him. The twins are rapidly approaching their second birthday and once again, I’m thinking about how I can encourage and challenge them in their daily lives. Things are a little crazier with two–I’m scared to death of paint–but I know it’s time as they start transitioning away from babyhood and into preschool age.

rice play


When I was at Blissdom I went to a presentation on video and got kind of excited about it and have started doing some video blogs. These are completely random, but you are more than welcome to check them out. I’m usually dog-tired when I’m filming with no makeup and wild hair, but I never claimed to be a movie star, so you get what you get. The latest one will appear at the bottom of this page, so feel free to scroll down any time and see what I’m chatting about. They’re never longer than three minutes and a lot of them are much shorter.



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  1. I love the video–especially because it is so real (sans make up, etc)! Good job, Mama! Hope to see more. (I don’t usually scroll down that far, so you’ll have to warn us in the blog entry that there’s one down there.)

    • Thank you, Stacey! I will definitely let y’all know when there’s one down there. I have “big” plans to fix this blog up all pretty and then hopefully the videos will get there own space a little higher up.

  2. If you go to and search for Cornstarch Clay you’ll have a recipe for gluten free playdough. There are also recipes for paints you can make yourself.

  3. I liked your video, so low key and natural! Did you make it to Montreal? We just got back from meeting Leonid Blyum there. What an experience. I am glad Charlie has been making progress. We are new to ABR… doing it for about 9 months and still figuring it all out. What a challenge!