Learning As I Go

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I wanted to update on loving my kids though. As mentioned in my last post, I am a working on loving my kids this month. Trickier than I thought. I very specifically started working on not saying to my kids, “you’re OK.” Instead, I’m trying to acknowledge what they’re feeling–anger, frustration, pain, etc. I’m certainly not fabulous at it, but I am getting better.

I will tell y’all about a bit of a funny moment, though. The book I’ve been reading about love styles give some specific ideas about how to embrace feeling and teach your children to cope with them. One method is to acknowledge their feelings and then just hold them until they seem to be feeling better. I tried it once with Louie and it went great, so I thought, “I’ve got this!”

Well, the other night Charlie got up at four in the morning and was screaming. I thought he’d had a nightmare or something. So I calmly acknowledged that he was scared and then wrapped my arms around him.

That child pushed me right off and started yelling! Apparently he was not scared–he wanted to watch Lady Gaga videos.

You win some, you lose some, right?

The Lady Gaga obsession is being curtailed now--no Gaga after dinner.

The Lady Gaga obsession is being curtailed now–no Gaga after dinner.



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  1. Charlie Charlie. How does he feel about Kesha? We could be best friends.

  2. I mean, when you get a craving for Lady Gaga at 4:00 AM, what’re you supposed to do?? Seems like a valid reason for frustration. Did you aknowledge his feeling of frustration? And then did you provide him with said videos? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • I did, but only because I really wanted to go back to sleep. And also, that’s how I figured out what he wanted. After hugs, water, and food all failed to do the trick.

  3. This is hilarious! Lady Gaga!!! Well she is stimulating- not what you need in the middle of the night. So funny!

  4. That made me crack up. My son is a ECMO survivor and has CP like Charlie. Love the blog

  5. Where is his IPad case?