Emails With Charlie

I got the idea the other day to see if I could get Charlie to send an email. He can read a decent amount of words, but he’s really resistant to typing and I thought this might be more fun for him than just “talking” to me with the iPad.

So I sat him down and said, “Charlie! Hey! Let’s send Daddy an email!” Imagine my most school-teacherly voice–full of exclamation points and “excitment.” I’m pretty sure Charlie isn’t fooled at all, but I try my best.

I sat him down, held his wrist and asked him to tell Daddy something, and this is what he wrote.

email from charlie

I immediately text my husband and say, “you have an email from Charlie.” A few minutes later he texts me back, “responded.”

Charlie and I go back to the computer and this is what we find:


I got a little misty-eyed myself.

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  1. That was pretty awesome. Made me teary, too. :)

  2. That made me teary as well. Love it!

  3. Wow, just wow!

  4. Amazing! :)

  5. Love it!

  6. I think this may be my favorite post of yours ever.

  7. Wow!

  8. I often say that the lows can be pretty low, but the highs are soooo much higher. Justbeautiful and thanks forsharing this.

  9. Thanks for sharing something so touching and beautiful….I dont comment usually, but this one got to me and I just had to let you know you have an amazingly family and I love reading your blog.

  10. Yup, I think I got something in my eye. Or both of them. :)

    Way to go, Charlie! Bertrand sends him a little fist bump. 😉

  11. Love this! Just cause the body won’t doesn’t mean his mind don’t

  12. He’s growing up :) (…and I’m misty-eyed too…)

  13. You two aren’t the only ones crying. WOW!