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This should be a Little Joy Map post, but my brain in consumed with another topic, so that will have to go up tomorrow.

August continues to perplex me.

We are at twenty months and still no words.

I’ve read one million descriptions of Autism that don’t feel quite right–he definitely notices mom and dad coming and going. He does great in crowds and with strangers. He can be very charming when he’s out with me. He doesn’t complain if his routine is changed. He doesn’t have melt downs, but instead has very appropriate tantrums–right down to following me if I ignore him. He can, however, be spacey and aloof. He can disappear into his own world.

He still has a LOT of sensory stuff going on–he likes to run around, to rock in the rocking chair. to bounce on the couch and on beds. He’ll spin if he gets excited. It doesen’t really seem to get in the way of anything except food–he hates to touch food, so that limits his diet. But he doesn’t have issues with tags in clothes or rough-textured garments. I bought him a nice pair of shoes and he’s accepted them with no problems.

He could end up with a PDD NOS diagnosis, which seems to be a catch-all for kids who have something going on, but they’re not sure what, but that’s an annoying diagnosis. If it’s something, shouldn’t it have a name?

The one constant in all of this is that his diet–specifically gluten–seems to be key. The Friday before Mardi Gras he buried his face in a mini King Cake his brother brought home from school and for days afterward he had dark circles under his eye and was difficult to reach. There was WAY more spinny/flappy behavior and way less eye contact, giggles, and interaction. He spent a lot of time picking up little bits of paper and eating them. His speech therapist took one look at him on Monday, three days after the King Cake, and she knew he’d eaten some gluten.

having too much fun with iPhone apps

having too much fun with iPhone apps

As Mardi Gras week passed, he improved daily. I discovered some of his fruit /quinoa packets were produced in a facility that also handles wheat, so I removed that from his diet as well.

This weekend he was amazing–he responded to his name regularly. He was more affectionate than usual, and he’s usually pretty affectionate. He made incredible eye contact and on several occasion he responded to what I was saying in a way that made it clear he knew what I meant. He’s babbling more, picking up new toys, and today I didn’t see him put one single piece of paper in his mouth. He’s still bouncy and occasionally spinny, but as I’ve said before, those aren’t the behaviors that worry me.

I’m kind of at a loss. I know gluten needs to be removed from my house completely, and that makes me a little nervous since Charlie subsists almost entirely on wheat products. Is this an allergy? A raging coincidence? The speech therapist says she’s never seen anything like it, and I’m at a loss.

Don't worry--I did not let him get up on the table.

Don’t worry–I did not let him get up on the table.



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