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Fleur de lis Valentine Printables

Blogs don’t always give you an opportunity to show every side of yourself. One thing that rarely makes an appearance on this site is the amount of fun I get from doing things on the computer that aren’t blogging. I like helping my friends makes blogs and I also like fooling around with Photoshop to make decorations for parties.

Lately I’m worrying less about “my niche,” and paying more attention to what makes me happy. So, having nothing to do with special needs, here are some printable Valentines for you to use.

Heart-shaped plate covered in Valentines

The first set are feur de lis themed. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re a little crazy about fleur de lis in this part of the country. The second set is plain. You can mix and match them or just use one kind. They’re all designed to coordinate with the little boxes that Sweet Tarts puts out every year. I LOVE Sweet Tarts.

Around here, a lot of kids don’t have school this week, so a whole box of Valentines is completely unnecessary. Or maybe your kid does have school and you forgot to get some Valentines. Either way, feel free to print as many as you like.

Fleur de Lis Valentines

Plain Valentines

Fleur de Lis Valentine Dots


Emails With Charlie

I got the idea the other day to see if I could get Charlie to send an email. He can read a decent amount of words, but he’s really resistant to typing and I thought this might be more fun for him than just “talking” to me with the iPad.

So I sat him down and said, “Charlie! Hey! Let’s send Daddy an email!” Imagine my most school-teacherly voice–full of exclamation points and “excitment.” I’m pretty sure Charlie isn’t fooled at all, but I try my best.

I sat him down, held his wrist and asked him to tell Daddy something, and this is what he wrote.

email from charlie

I immediately text my husband and say, “you have an email from Charlie.” A few minutes later he texts me back, “responded.”

Charlie and I go back to the computer and this is what we find:


I got a little misty-eyed myself.

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