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Wrapping Up Routines

graphic reading "Little Joy Map"

Well, it is now officially February which means I am finishing up my routines posts and moving on to what may be my favorite topic of all time–sleep. I’ll finish routines up by sharing some of the things I’ve learned this month.

  1. Establishing routines with your kids does actually make you feel more competent and happy.
  2. If I had to start one routine, I’d focus on whatever part of the day was the hardest.
  3. Establishing one good routine can make the rest of your day fall into place.
  4. A routine is not the same as a schedule! Schedules have times–routines are just a predictable series of activities. Schedules are more stressful than routines.
  5. Strangely, your children will sleep better at night after you establish a routine. My twins were still waking up pretty regularly before I implementing our routine. Now? It’s rare and when they do wake up, they usually go back to sleep before anyone needs to intervene. Score!

In short, I definitely think routines are worth working on. You don’t need to hyper schedule every second, but having a general flow for the day can definitely work to your advantage.

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