Milestone? Hell Yeah.

I’m so glad that I decided to write about joy because it fits in perfectly with the amazing thing that has started happening at my house.

I’ll back up a few minutes and say that two things happened at my house: One, I re-dedicated myself to making sure Charlie gets his ABR machine on every day. And, two, the glass on Charlie’s iPad busted and I had to send it off for repairs.

In the interim, we’ve been helping get his Lady Gaga video fix by putting Youtube on the laptop. Unexpectedly, he started doing this:


That’s his ABR machine around his waist.

This is a good thing, but he’s been able to do it for awhile. After a few days of this, he started knee-walking at Feldenkrais.

Sunday, he pulled himself onto his feet twice. He did two more times in therapy on Monday.

Perhaps the most-amazing thing is that the therapist reported that he’s doing it just like a toddler would. We need to teach him how to do it the way a five-year-old would, and his legs are incredibly weak, but it blows me away that his oh-so-pokey development continues to progress.

I’m thrilled.

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  1. GO CHARLIE! Woooo!

  2. Progress is progress…amazing progress!! Celebrate good times, come on!!! Woot Woot! Go Charlie Go!

  3. Go, Charlie, GO!! How awesome is HE?!!

  4. Awesome!!! Progress is beautiful and he is inspiring!

  5. WOO! Go Charlie!

  6. A round of applause from VA!! Whoot!

  7. AWESOME!!!

  8. and I am all teary -eyed. So happy for you all. what a great milestone to be attaining. YAY!

  9. Yay Charlie!

  10. hooray for Charlie!! :) What great news!!

  11. Heck yeah! Lookie here, development after 3 years of age… didn’t that window close? hehe. So excited for this, and a bona fide MILESTONE at that. There are certain skills that I feel are so foundational that once a child can do them for themselves, just the act of repeating this action will strengthen and propel to the next level even with out additional “therapy.” Charlie has made one of those steps and will just get stronger from here (obviously given proper motivation… which obviously is HUGE for our kiddos). Great news, Katy. Start shouting from those rooftops!

  12. Way to go, Charlie! xoxo

  13. I’m thrilled too. That’s great!!!

  14. woot woot! Go Charlie!

  15. Shana Killingsworth says:

    THAT’S AWESOME!!!! One word for our Charlie, fighter! Oh, ok. One more, miracle.

  16. Yea Charlie! That’s the best news I’ve heard all week!!!

  17. Fantastic news! Keep it up Charlie!!

  18. How did I miss this??? YAY CHARLIE! So awesome.