At this point I think it’s safe to say that I love my nightly routine with the boys.I’ve even got stories added in! In fact, getting an evening routine going seems to have created some structure for the rest of the day. I know in advance when I’m going to get a break, which makes it a bit easier when they’ve glued themselves to my body or throw a mega-tantrum. Stop me if you’ve heard this, before, but apparently children at this age are quite adept at tantrums.

graphic reading "Little Joy Map"

The kids seem to be falling into the routine rather nicely, but here’s the real question–how do I get hubby on board? I love the man, but he doesn’t *quite* seem to understand how important this routine thing is. I’ll say, “it’s time for the kids to go to bed!” and he’ll say, “but they don’t look tired.” Hmmmm

The Fly Lady (a routine goddess when it comes to cleaning) recommends that you don’t force anyone else to join you in routines–she says to press on and eventually others will start to see the wisdom. Is that the answer? Do you have in fabulous ideas for getting older, more stubborn boys to join you in the quest for routine bliss?

Still moving files from my sick computer--this is from three years ago almost exactly.

Still moving files from my sick computer–this is from three years ago almost exactly.

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  1. To which you reply, “But I am.”

  2. I think if my husband said that after we had a good routine going, I’d tell him, “OK, you’re responsible for bedtime with the kids. Good night.”

  3. Bribery? Ah, just kidding. I don’t know. Maybe set an egg timer and when he hears it go off he’ll know it’s time to put them to bed? Can he be conditioned…. ? lol!

  4. Lorena (@lamaschida) says:

    Hi Katy! I checked out flylady after I red your posts. I hadn’t heard about her before and I am trying out her system. What do you think of it? I’m still getting used to it and figuring it out. I have to say, that for an organizing website, her site is well…unorganized! Had to really dig & explore around to figure out how to get started. Idk if I will continue with her program but I appreciate the info! I keep thinking, if Katy can do some of this with 4 kids, I should be able to as well!!