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Sweet Success


graphic reading "Little Joy Map"

So I’ve been plugging along here trying by best to implement some routines. Some days go really well. Some days don’t. I think we’ve got rest time/dance video/dinner rather firmly entrenched, and I’m proud of that. Still working on bedtime, but I think that’s OK. I’ve also started doing some Fly Lady routines just for myself. If you’re not familiar with Fly Lady, she’s like AA for messy people. She’s especially good for people like me who want it to be perfect and then just give up when they realize it won’t be.

The other day I had my first sign that I’m definitely on the right track. My husband was running later than usual, and typically when this happens he comes home to me, stressed to the max, the kids undone and whining, and nobody in a very good mood. Well, I ran through our routine, bedtime hit, and I made the bottles and got the twins shuttled off to bed. He came home and I was hanging out with Charlie and Rex while we waited for Charlie’s dinner to finish. I’m pretty sure he was in shock.

Later I said to him, “you know, I think this routine thing is helping–I think I’m happier.” And his response? “I think I am too.”

Feeling pretty good about that one.

PS: My main computer has picked up a nasty virus, so I’m picture free today. Hopefully I’ll have things back up and running sooner rather than later.

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