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Milestone? Hell Yeah.

I’m so glad that I decided to write about joy because it fits in perfectly with the amazing thing that has started happening at my house.

I’ll back up a few minutes and say that two things happened at my house: One, I re-dedicated myself to making sure Charlie gets his ABR machine on every day. And, two, the glass on Charlie’s iPad busted and I had to send it off for repairs.

In the interim, we’ve been helping get his Lady Gaga video fix by putting Youtube on the laptop. Unexpectedly, he started doing this:


That’s his ABR machine around his waist.

This is a good thing, but he’s been able to do it for awhile. After a few days of this, he started knee-walking at Feldenkrais.

Sunday, he pulled himself onto his feet twice. He did two more times in therapy on Monday.

Perhaps the most-amazing thing is that the therapist reported that he’s doing it just like a toddler would. We need to teach him how to do it the way a five-year-old would, and his legs are incredibly weak, but it blows me away that his oh-so-pokey development continues to progress.

I’m thrilled.

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