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Routine Highs and Lows

graphic reading "Little Joy Map"

We tried implementing routines this week and some went better than others.

I had the idea in my head that I really wanted to do family dinner. I talked about it. I read all this fantastic research about how great it is for kids, and I was completely sold. I think the idea of the Donna Reed family all seated around the table was lurking in my subconscious somewhere.

Turns out, family dinner is not so great for my group. My husband’s work day ends at six Monday through Thursday, and since the twins dropped their second nap, they’re big huge messes by six-thirty. There’s falling down, toy flinging, and they in no mood to try new foods or really to behave in any way. We had one pretty good meal as a group and another disastrous one where August’s sensory issues reared their ugly head, Charlie screamed because he wanted background music, and Louis kept flinging his food to the dog. Donna Reed would have wept.

boy getting a haircut

Getting his mane tamed.

But I also implemented an afternoon routine that is working fabulously. After rest time (like nap time, but with no napping), I put on a twenty-minute Sesame Street video about singing and dancing with your baby. We sing, we dance, we stomp our feet. Louie learned how to dance and Augie is getting the hang of it too! Charlie sits on the couch and we include him as much as we can, and if Rex is up, he hangs out too. I love it! After that we have dinner, then visit with Daddy, and then the twins head off to bed. I’m willing to swear that the kids are in a better mood in the evenings now that we’ve started doing it.

Still need to work on stories before bed, but I’m excited! So we’re not quite ready for family dinner–we can try again when the boys are little older.

PS: I’ve been a little short on Charlie posts recently–if you like those than you should be here tomorrow–incredible stuff happening over here!

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