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Gluten Free New Year

It’s been a while since I discussed August and his general wackiness. Following the advice of many of the lovely people who read this blog, I decided that we were going to change his diet to see if that changed anything. The first thing I decided to eliminate was gluten. I did this mostly because my husband eats a very low-gluten diet naturally, so I thought it would be the easiest transition. Well, I gradually eliminated things and finally got him gluten free and we were going strong for a couple of weeks.

He started making some serious improvements. He started saying “mama,” pushing a ball back and forth, and he seemed to have a longer attention span. I wasn’t sure what the cause was, but one of his therapists said, “just keep doing what you’re doing.”

Well, at a Christmas celebration my husband gave him a handful of pita chips to keep him quiet.

The following days were not good. No babbling, spinning in a circle, and withdrawn.

He’s gradually pulling out of that funk, but it is a sloooow process. It took him seven days to get “mama” back.

Looks like we’ll be gluten-free for the foreseeable future.

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