It’s one of those days–a tragedy happens and we grieve as a nation. I feel like these things are coming closer and closer together although who knows if that’s true or if I’m just more aware of it.

This one thing has reminded me off all the other worries that sit on my heart from day to day–a list that changes and shifts, but that is never totally gone.

I worry about

Guns. In schools. Killing children. A tragedy that you can never make sense of no matter how you try.

Charlie’s third ear infection in as many months–I suspect he’s lost his ear tubes. Will he need another set?

August’s upcoming ear tube surgery.

Louie’s frickin’ tongue. It’s still “tongue tied” and the way things are going, he’s going to need surgery to correct it. That’s three potential surgeries in 2013.  I shudder when I think about the childcare debacle that will be.

Food. Gluten. Genetically modified corn and it’s five bazillion derivitives. The spread of GM foods to all of our foods.

This crazy world we live in where sometimes it feels like everyone’s screaming about something, but none of it is important.

I’m not looking for answers. I’m just worrying, and watching, and hoping for the best.

Like we all do, I suspect.

Two boys leaning against a sofa and not looking at the TV

Newly obsessed with Elmo, and far too young to understand most of my worries (thank goodness)


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  1. Tons of worries, and at the end of the day, all I know is that I am not in control of anything but my choices. So we will choose to be kind, fix it when we mess up and never ever give up.

    • I know. There really is nothing to be done, but to keep on keepin’ on. I just had to get some stuff off my chest, ya know?

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the boys. Those ankle rolls are adorable.

  3. Katy,
    I can’t speak to the other things, but as for the “tongue-tied” tongue, my grandson had that done at 2 and it really didn’t bother him. He woke up the next morning, said his tongue hurt and then never mentioned it again :). And it made the world of difference in his speech. If I had to do it over again, I would have tried harder to get my daughter get it done when he was even younger.

  4. Those little faces – so adorable. Let’s hope we leave them a better world than what they’ve got now.