Christmas Eve in Pictures

We had three separate Christmases, but because of the weather, the only good pictures came from Christmas Eve. Here are a few of my favorite photos of the boys from that day.

We had a little stroke of genius and decided to stick the boys in the wagon at my MIL’s house–this made it a LOT harder for people to run away. We also remembered to keep Louie away from Charlie so there would be less whining overall.

We snapped a couple of pictures of just the three of them because I wasn’t entirely sure how the baby was going to handle being shoved in a wagon with his three older brothers.

three boys in matching shirts sitting in a wagon

Charlie was much happier sitting next to Rex–he even tried to pet his hair–Rex wasn’t crazy about that, though.

four boys in christmas shirts sitting in a wagon

August was letting us know that he was getting tired of all the picture. Charlie was having a great time, however.

Three boys in a wagon--one is screaming, another is smiling.

This is just a gratuitous smiling baby picture because I love it.


baby in wagon smiling at camera

I think I need to start a collection of pictures where Louis is trying to escape a group photo. There was no getting away from this one, though!

four boys in a wagon. One is standing up.

They were pretty much done, so we pulled them around in the wagon for a bit, which was a total hit–small children are so easy to please.

four boys in a wagon

And here’s a random shot of me and three of my shoeless kids. Louie is the only one who will wear shoes right now, and on this day I just didn’t even bother. Mother of the year, I know.

I had a great Christmas. I hope your holidays were merry and bright as well!

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  1. Those are some cute little squirmy worms you have there! :) Why doesn’t Charlie like to sit next to Louie?

    • Louie is very rough and has sat on Charlie a couple of time, which he didn’t like. He now protests whenever Louie gets too close.

  2. Shoes are so overrated

  3. Bugladynora says:

    They are adorable as usual. My boys hate shoes too first thing to come off no matter where we are.

    • That’s mine! I find shoes everywhere. I’m thinking about buying August a nice pair that are supposed to be “close to barefoot” to see if that helps.

  4. Such adorable boys. It’s entertaining to watch all the wrangling that goes on. I hope ya’ll had a great holiday season. Look forward to seeing you again in January! :)

  5. those are the most delicious little nugglets I’ve ever seen. How you get anything done each day… I’d be staring at them every day. So adorable!!

    • I don’t much done, but it’s not because I’m looking at them–it’s because feeding/changing/entertaining take so much time!!!

  6. Awwww, how adorable! I love the red wagon pictures and all of their adorable expressions. Too cute for words!

  7. all the pictures are awesome… love the one with you in it very sweet. They all look so relaxed and happy. And you are Mom of the year you have appreciated that your children are not shoe people and you are allowing them to be them 😀