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Christmas Eve in Pictures

We had three separate Christmases, but because of the weather, the only good pictures came from Christmas Eve. Here are a few of my favorite photos of the boys from that day.

We had a little stroke of genius and decided to stick the boys in the wagon at my MIL’s house–this made it a LOT harder for people to run away. We also remembered to keep Louie away from Charlie so there would be less whining overall.

We snapped a couple of pictures of just the three of them because I wasn’t entirely sure how the baby was going to handle being shoved in a wagon with his three older brothers.

three boys in matching shirts sitting in a wagon

Charlie was much happier sitting next to Rex–he even tried to pet his hair–Rex wasn’t crazy about that, though.

four boys in christmas shirts sitting in a wagon

August was letting us know that he was getting tired of all the picture. Charlie was having a great time, however.

Three boys in a wagon--one is screaming, another is smiling.

This is just a gratuitous smiling baby picture because I love it.


baby in wagon smiling at camera

I think I need to start a collection of pictures where Louis is trying to escape a group photo. There was no getting away from this one, though!

four boys in a wagon. One is standing up.

They were pretty much done, so we pulled them around in the wagon for a bit, which was a total hit–small children are so easy to please.

four boys in a wagon

And here’s a random shot of me and three of my shoeless kids. Louie is the only one who will wear shoes right now, and on this day I just didn’t even bother. Mother of the year, I know.

I had a great Christmas. I hope your holidays were merry and bright as well!

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