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How We Do Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Really, the fall holidays are the best in my book. But Thanksgiving! It’s just like Christmas only with a fraction of the stress, no gift guilt, and you aren’t expected to drive all over creation and see every person you’ve ever been related to. Could it be any better? I think not. Plus, the focus of Thanksgiving is on the food and if you’re a piglet like me, any event centered around food is a good one. The end.

Here are a few photos of how we do Thanksgiving in my family:

Family of six sitting on a bench.

We decided to do Thanksgiving day at my parents house because they have the most room. As soon as we got there I tried to get the kids organized for a picture. Here’s the thing about taking a picture of four small children–it’s difficult. Here you can see Charlie is upset because we put him next to Louis. Also, Rex has a mosquito on his forehead that hung out there for–hand to God–twenty-five pictures. We had four adults watching us do this and not one of them noticed the bug on my kid’s forehead. This is perhaps proof that everyone’s eyesight goes when they’re older.

Family of six on a bench. Mom is tickling oldest child on the neck.

Even tickling the kids didn’t really help with the whole attitude thing–they were clearly not into it. I guess some days it works and other days it doesn’t–luckily my self-esteem isn’t caught up in whether or not I can get a good family photograph. If that were the case, I’d have none left by now.

Four children sitting on a bench. One of them is falling over.

I had a fleeting idea that maybe if I were taking the pictures I could get the kids to cooperate a little more, but that was actually more disastrous than the family shots. The look on Rex’s face is priceless, though.

Pictures of people eating Thanksgiving dinner.

After the picture-taking “fun” was out of the way, we got down to what Thanksgiving is really all about–the food! It was so delicious. So delicious that I took a picture of my plate to remember it. Yeah, I love Thanksgiving.

plate of Thanksgiving food.

Seriously, how good does that look? Why can’t we have Thanksgiving like once a month?

Pictures of tired children.

And like every holiday with small children, there was there was the skipping of naps, which leads directly whining and general unpleasantness. Except the baby–sweet Rexy still naps anywhere.

Two boys on a glider chair.

We put the twins off for a little bit by letting them rock on my parent’s glider–nothing soothes these two quite like a moving chair. Also: so glad I didn’t spend a lot of money on their new shoes because they are so against shoes.

girl smiling at the camera

As for me, I ate the aforementioned delicious food, and had lots of people to help me with my kids. A day like that is pretty much perfection.

I hope your holiday was lovely as well.


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