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Christmas Eve in Pictures

We had three separate Christmases, but because of the weather, the only good pictures came from Christmas Eve. Here are a few of my favorite photos of the boys from that day.

We had a little stroke of genius and decided to stick the boys in the wagon at my MIL’s house–this made it a LOT harder for people to run away. We also remembered to keep Louie away from Charlie so there would be less whining overall.

We snapped a couple of pictures of just the three of them because I wasn’t entirely sure how the baby was going to handle being shoved in a wagon with his three older brothers.

three boys in matching shirts sitting in a wagon

Charlie was much happier sitting next to Rex–he even tried to pet his hair–Rex wasn’t crazy about that, though.

four boys in christmas shirts sitting in a wagon

August was letting us know that he was getting tired of all the picture. Charlie was having a great time, however.

Three boys in a wagon--one is screaming, another is smiling.

This is just a gratuitous smiling baby picture because I love it.


baby in wagon smiling at camera

I think I need to start a collection of pictures where Louis is trying to escape a group photo. There was no getting away from this one, though!

four boys in a wagon. One is standing up.

They were pretty much done, so we pulled them around in the wagon for a bit, which was a total hit–small children are so easy to please.

four boys in a wagon

And here’s a random shot of me and three of my shoeless kids. Louie is the only one who will wear shoes right now, and on this day I just didn’t even bother. Mother of the year, I know.

I had a great Christmas. I hope your holidays were merry and bright as well!

Thank You, Universe

I think Friday was a rough day for many of us. If you’re anything like me, your fears and worries about a whole host of things bubbled to the surface–not just school violence, but all of life’s worries. By the end of the day, I felt drained and maybe a little pissed off and really had nowhere to direct it.

Which is probably why I got gutsy and corrected someone on twitter in the middle of stream of tweets about the second ammendment. I mean, I try not to wade too far into the fray–especially when people are still reeling from these kinds of events, but I saw a tweet calling the shooter “retarded.” I’d share it with you, but it’s since been deleted.

And I couldn’t help but say something:

twitter screen shot

Honestly, I expected harsh words, or blaming someone else, or getting blocked and unfollowed. Something. I was surprised when I read this:

Here I'm pretty sure he was saying that he thought one was the PC term and the other wasn't

Twitter can be tough with the 140 character limitation, but to me, this meant that he thought that calling someone “retarded” was the medical definition of mentally ill as opposed to the PC version.   I did my best to explain that it described people with mental impairements. Again, not a great explanation in 140 characters, but here’s what I replied:

And this, THIS was the response:

Can you believe it? I think I may have actually educated someone. On twitter of all places. AND he deleted the original tweet from his stream. I tell you what, it may have been one crappy day, but that was a bright spot in the middle of all the madness.


It’s one of those days–a tragedy happens and we grieve as a nation. I feel like these things are coming closer and closer together although who knows if that’s true or if I’m just more aware of it.

This one thing has reminded me off all the other worries that sit on my heart from day to day–a list that changes and shifts, but that is never totally gone.

I worry about

Guns. In schools. Killing children. A tragedy that you can never make sense of no matter how you try.

Charlie’s third ear infection in as many months–I suspect he’s lost his ear tubes. Will he need another set?

August’s upcoming ear tube surgery.

Louie’s frickin’ tongue. It’s still “tongue tied” and the way things are going, he’s going to need surgery to correct it. That’s three potential surgeries in 2013.  I shudder when I think about the childcare debacle that will be.

Food. Gluten. Genetically modified corn and it’s five bazillion derivitives. The spread of GM foods to all of our foods.

This crazy world we live in where sometimes it feels like everyone’s screaming about something, but none of it is important.

I’m not looking for answers. I’m just worrying, and watching, and hoping for the best.

Like we all do, I suspect.

Two boys leaning against a sofa and not looking at the TV

Newly obsessed with Elmo, and far too young to understand most of my worries (thank goodness)


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