Halloween in Pictures

This is how you take a picture of four small children in their Halloween regalia.

Four boys in pirate costumes on a bench

four boys on a bench in Halloween shirts

You get one decent shot, but decide they should all be on the same level.

Four boys in Halloween costumes sitting on a bench.

So you put them all on one level.

Four boys in Halloween costumes sitting on a bench

You get a pretty good shot–takes like twenty shots to get this one, but it’s worth it.

Three boys on a bench and another standing up.

Louie decides that no, actually, it is not worth it.

Woman in pirate hat sitting on a bench with four boys

Mom moves in to wrangle the the crazies.

four boys and a woman in a pirate hat sitting on a bench

Probably THE shot

four boys and a woman in a pirate costume sit on a bench

One more, but the natives are definitely getting restless.

Four boys and a woman in pirate costumes on a bench

And then Louie makes a break for it. Picture time is done.

Hope you all had a lovely Halloween (if you celebrate it)!!

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  1. ha ha ha! LOVE it!!!!

  2. You are an angel.

  3. Oh, love it!


  4. So my seven year old daughter was looking over my shoulder and said “Gosh, she has a lot of babies.” There was a pause as she continued her examination. “Hmmm. That must be really hard…. It must be REALLY hard to be the only girl with all those boys.” (If that was the only hard thing about kids, give me a dozen.) She wants you to know she know what it’s like to be “boy-trapped.”

    • One day she’ll probably figure out that boy-trapped isn’t as bad as it seems. I kind of like being the Queen Bee.

  5. Oh my goodness, I love every single one! You have quite the crew of pirates there, my friend! When are we doing lunch again?

    • You tell me! I’m pretty flexible as long as I have a little advance notice. Also, some of the ladies who came to our LA Bloggers lunch want to meet up again!

  6. That last picture had me laughing out loud, Louie’s facial expression is priceless. I love how awesome Charlie is sitting too. What a bunch of cute pirates!

  7. So precious!!! I’m pretty sure that most of the photos from when my sibs and I were around this age ended with us either accidentally throttling each other, or crying…

  8. I didn’t know you had a fifth child. I don’t think you are feeding him enough. He looks a little thin. πŸ˜‰