Not Political, Personal

Alternate title: The post that makes everyone mad.

By now you’d have to live under a rock not to have heard that Ann Coulter called the President a “retard” on Twitter after the debate the other night. I was doing my usual that evening–reading twitter, watching Netflix, just relaxing–when that word started lighting up my Twitter stream. There it was–again and again. I was lucky because all of the people who re-tweeted it were angry about it. They were disgusted and wanted to let the world know. I saw the whole thing as a desperate grab for attention–one that had obviously succeeded–and did not get in on the retweeting fun. Later, I did tweet that I thought that using slurs about the disabled for attention pretty much made you the lowest life form on the planet, but I was careful not to use Ann’s name or handle because I honestly believe nothing would have satisfied her more.

I left it at that.

But then I got to thinking and the more I thought, the madder I got. I’m pretty sure madder isn’t a word, but that’s never stopped me before.

So here’s the deal: The Special Olympics–a pretty fantastic organization–has spent the last SEVERAL years and I’m assuming some significant dollars trying to educate the public about “the r-word.” They did this because their athletes said that the word was hurtful, they didn’t like it, and they wanted people to stop using it as an insult.

So then Ms. Coulter, a woman with considerable reach and power, takes that word, takes the years of work that has been done to try to educate the population, and she politicizes it and uses it to her advantage.

I watched Twitter very carefully last night and I checked Facebook regularly today. I was re-tweeted many times about Ann Coulter and pretty much all of the people who re-tweeted me were also vocal Democrats. When I tweeted about my local radio station using the r-word, I got like two retweets. The same is true for Facebook–all of the people sharing the story were again, vocal Democrats. Suddenly, not calling people a retard because it is offensive is Republican/Democrat thing as opposed to what it actually is–A NOT BEING A JERK THING.

Using respectful language is not and should not be political, and I hate the this woman–who is obviously just trying to court controversy (she has a new book coming out!)–is making it that way. I don’t care who you vote for. I don’t.

But when you decide that you can’t call someone out because y’all vote for the same candidate? I notice that and I do care.

And when you’re suddenly the biggest supporter of the cognitively impaired because it suits your political agenda? I notice that too.

So stop. Stop riding on the backs of people who have worked for many years to make a change that has to do with dignity and not politics. I can’t take it any more.

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  1. i have to say it: YEAH U RITE!

  2. This couldn’t be more true. I noticed a few conservatives on facebook share my post or comment on it positively and I gained a huge amount of respect for them. This is not about politics, it’s about human decency.

  3. The idea that someone would or wouldnt retweet her r-word comment b/c they were or were not of the same political party is just mind boggling to me. Her slur, though used in a political context, wasn’t about the political matter she tried to put a spotlight on….it was about the slur itself. If people don’t start standing up for what THEY, as individuals, believe in we are in for one hell of a miserable future.

  4. In my mind, regardless of any political side, I would love nothing more than to hear that Romney has caught wind of Ann’s comment AND in response to it, make a personal statement that stands up for the end of the word’s usage. Doubt that will ever happen but its nice to have hope…

    • Ann forcibly linked her name to Romney but I’m not sure Romney would willingly link his name with Ann’s. I consider myself a conservative on many issues but I find Ann repugnant and would never consider us ideologically compatible. Our values stem from much different sources. I know there are many, many conservatives who echo my sentiments.

  5. Ann Coulter preys and thrives upon the fact she will draw moral outrage at her comments. (moral outrage feeds her inane ego)..she is a woman without conscience who is never wrong…there is a word for people like that: psychopath.

  6. Isn’t she the same one who said something about kicking your gay kid out of the house? She’s just an idiot and I refuse to even say her name.

  7. I saw that tweet by Ann and I saw the tidal wave and many jump on it. Many people that have never tweeted about that stuff before, but wanted to bash her and the right wing. I actually sit on the right side of the line. Many call me a red voter, but my views don’t make an idiot’s actions less ridiculous. I didn’t really care for her before and certainly see no reason to try to defend her. I hope she gets a butt whooping from Sarah Palin. You don’t piss off a woman that can kill things with a long range rifle from a helicopter. :/

    I hope something good comes from this like the radio station situation. I am always here to help with retweets and support. Republican or democrat. :)

  8. I did not reshare I posted a direct link for the “Can One Girl Change the World?” blog to my facebook page, can you tell when someone does that? I’m just wondering if more people are sharing than you realize, I don’t have a blog so I have no idea how all that works. I love reading about your beautiful family, thank you for sharing them with us.

  9. Coulter’s whole reason to lie is to draw attention to herself. She must have had some upbringing if she is so painfully, obviously, desperate for attention. She’s pathetic, and unworthy of my attention.

  10. she sickens me. :( you, on the other hand, inspire me often. thanks :)