Update A Palooza


We have officially survived Hurricane Isaac. He came,  he blew everything around for a while, he rained a LOT, knocked out our power for about 26 hours, and then he was gone like a bad dream. The twins and the baby were positively non-plussed by the whole storm thing. We sat on the porch a lot which they LOVED, they wore very little clothing, which they also liked, and there were more people in the house than usual.

Charlie was another story–I really dropped the ball. My the time we lost power, he was starting to come apart at the seams a little. There was a lot of crying and carrying on, but my husband sat down with him and had a long talk and he seemed to be a lot better after that. It’s been five years, and I’m still learning that I need to talk to him even if he can’t talk back.

boys sitting on a porch

Waiting for the storm to roll in.

The news is good in August Town as well. After my last blog post about him I went ahead and stopped feeding him gluten and greatly reduced his dairy. Basically, I cleaned up his diet–more beans, quinoa, and vegetables and less white carbs drenched in cheese. This is tough for me as I pretty much worship at the altar of cheesy carbs. If you know what I mean.

Well, I have no idea if the diet has anything to do with it, but I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in eye contact, gesturing, and babbling. There are still probably a million things left to work on, but I’ll take what I can get. I’ve also heard that it takes a while for gluten to leave the body completely, so who knows how he’ll look if we keep this up. I figure cleaning up my kid’s diet is hardly a bad thing.

boys sitting in rocking chairs

Back on the porch keeping cool while the power was out.

And perhaps the most interesting development at my house involves Mr. Charlie himself. He is just starting to move around on all fours. I’m not going to go so far as to call it crawling, but it’s something new. It’s kind of a bunny-hop style move. Still–he’s never been able to do much with his lower body so this is a pretty major development. His Feldenkrais instructor has been working on lower body a ton and it’s definitely paying off.

So that’s what’s going on at my house. Well, that and a million other things, but I think it’s enough for one post.

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  1. What made you think of gluten free for Gus? I think it’s a great idea. I’m glad to hear he’s improving. Yippee to Charlie. That is real progress.

  2. Hooray for improvements in both Charlie and August :) Glad ya’ll survived Isaac in one piece.

  3. My Luke will be 10 in October and I still sometimes forget I need to explain to HIM what is going on and not assume he his going to understand by being a part of the situation.

    Love it that Charlie is doing more independent movement. And the August news is WONDERFUL.

  4. Mostly a lurker here to say I’m glad you made it through ok! I don’t know if you are still using Bumbo seats a lot, but the version with the tray is on sale today at a discount site called woot.com. I thought of you immediately when I saw it because your blog is where I first heard of them. It’s on the first page of http://www.kids.woot.com until the end of today–only $37 dollars. I don’t know how that compares to the price of the version without the tray, but maybe you or someone you know could benefit from the deal.

  5. Surviving a hurricane, raising four kids and making time for your relationship… who said superwoman died a long time ago you are superwoman :)

  6. WOW!!! What a great update!!! I love reading such good updates on your two little troublemakers… 😉 We put Stephen on a gluten-free diet in January, and we noticed positive changes right away with regards to eye contact, attention to task, and language. It’s a lot more expensive, but it seems to be worth it so far!!

  7. Holy cow the cuteness is overwhelming! Yeah Charlie that is huge! Glad the diet is helping August, I am always amazed at how people freak out about that with me and my kids. It really can help.