Isaac Incoming

Greeting from the place where hurricanes hit! In the world of Facebook and Twitter it seems a bit old-fashioned to update my blog with this information, but I figure we’re all at different speeds technology-wise, so here goes:

Isaac is predicted to make landfall in the area sometime late Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Right now they are predicting that it will make landfall as a category two storm, but these things tend to go back and forth a lot before the storm actually hits and yesterday it was supposed to be a one, so who knows what it will be like when it actually gets here. Hurricanes are known for being fickle–they’re fun like that.

Yesterday we made the decision not to evacuate. Before you freak on me, we live very far north of the mandatory evacuation line and they haven’t even called for a mandatory evacuation. Most people seem to be staying put and “hunkering down.”

We made this decision based on a couple of factors. One major one was our experience evacuating for Gustav in 2008. Charlie was only one at the time and the stress of evacuation landed him in the hospital with a case of dehydration and suspected shunt failure. Shunt was fine, but two days in a hospital is never fun. We’ve also rode out a tropical storm here and didn’t lose power. Having any child makes the decision to evacuate difficult–having a child with special needs makes the decision even more complicated.

So. We’re staying put. Someone loaned us a small gas-powered generator and we have enough gas to run it for about three days. We have a portable AC unit, which we will be installing in Charlie’s room since he has issues with over-heating. We should also be able to keep out fridge going, so we’ll have some food stuff although we’re counting on eating a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

If it looks like the power will be out for longer than a few days, we’ll be heading out to the closest open doors–possibly Mississippi, further north if necessary. I’ll be updating my Twitter feed (it’s over there on the right) as long as I have cell service, but it does get spotty during storms.

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  1. Sounds like you have it all figured out. I hope you just get lots of rain and wind. Hugs and stay safe.

  2. Is it too late to get mini torch lights… children love them even in the depth of a scary storm.
    Be safe

  3. It was great meeting you during Niche Mommy 2012 and hanging out for a bit at Bourbon Heat. I am definitely keeping everyone in my prayers, and hope this blows past you guys or at least minimal damage!

  4. what happened to the ad on top?