Hands Up! Victory

I think it’s pretty well-documented on this blog that Charlie is not and has never been a big fan of books. My undergrad degree is in English Education and I’ve even taken Master Level classes in reading instruction, so this has always been a sticking point for me. I mean, a kid who doesn’t like books? A tough pill to swallow.

Well, after five years, I believe we’ve made some actual progress.

Charlie seems to like stories.

He’s still not a huge fan of shorter, rhyming books without much of a plot, but we’re making progress!

Only took five short years.

boy sitting down and looking at the camera

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  1. Oh oh oh are you looking for reading suggestions? I have some.

  2. I’m an ece teacher and ObSESSED with children’s books. I don’t know what I’d do if my kids didn’t like reading/being read to. I would probably go insane.

  3. When you told me the other day that he likes stories, not just rhymes I looked at him and said: “you like to have an arc.” He got a huge smile on his face, I may have even heard a giggle.

  4. Great job Charlie!!!! My son would much rather listen to stories about history, war and weapons than any of the first grade stuff he has to endure! 😉

  5. Gotta love that!

  6. I love this progress. :)

  7. I can relate. It takes a good deal of coercing/bribing my 7 year old to read the little readers that her teacher sends home. But she has spent most of the summer working her way through the first couple of Harry Potter books.

  8. Yay for progress. My oldest has never liked books and once it came time to try to get her to actually read? Forget it. Coming from me who could devour a book a day. We have finally reached a compromise. At 17 she is reading the books I used to try to talk her into at age 10. So I win. Sort of.