That Update I Promised

Well, it’s been a couple weeks since my big August announcement and I think it’s time for a bit of an update although I feel even more clueless now then a few weeks ago.

At first, there really seemed to be an issue with his hearing–he wasn’t turning his head when you called his name and he seemed to ignore his favorite toy when it was out of sight. He was also playing with one of his ears a lot. Then, that started to clear up. He is now responding to his name, but you do have to give him a few seconds–he’s in no hurry. He was almost completely silent and now he’s babbling pretty regularly.

He’s still got no words and he’s not great at eye contact. To be fair, I suck at eye contact as well–I know it can be hard to tell through the computer screen. If he wants something very badly, he has trouble taking his eyes off of it and will whine and whine, but never look at you. He doesn’t imitate as far as I can tell, but neither does Louis–they both pay very close attention to each other and spend a lot of time trying to get their hands on whatever the other one is playing with. Sometimes I wonder if twin interaction overrides interacting with grown ups.

boy getting a hair cut

1st haircut time

We are going to get his speech evaluated by Early Steps and he’s supposed to get his hearing tested this week as well. Meanwhile, we’ve spent a lot of time doing what we can to get him alone on a regular basis. When he’s with Louis, he seems to withdraw. I *think* that Louis is such a personality that he just overwhelms August. Louis is overwhelming to me sometime and I’m 33. Just the other night he decided that the absolutely best place on earth to sleep was directly on top of August. Sheesh.

When we have him alone, we see so many good things in August. He will immediately cross a room get near you. He has learned to turn pages in a book and has a different favorite book than Louis. He will very occasionally glance up at you while reading a book together or if he’s doing something else that is really fun–like splashing in the bath tub. He stands independently and can walk if you hold one of his hands. He LOVES to walk and laughs his funny little “heh, heh, HEH!” while he’s doing it.

boy getting his haircut

So. . . still not really sure what we’re dealing with, but the trend seems to be positive right now. As I mentioned in my previous post, both of the twins are delayed, however, so I think we’ll be having an on-going relationship with Early Intervention, which is fine by me. Having an extra set of eyes on things can’t hurt.

boy chewing on a comb

I will update if we learn anything else definite–in the meantime we’re just plugging along, doing our best to keep all the kids alive and in one piece. Some days that’s harder than it sounds.

boy sitting in a woman's lap and reading a book


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  1. Do they have twin-speak? My cousins twin girls had their own little language and the one always spoke for the other. August actually sounds pretty ‘normal’ to me. :) Thanks for the update. They are all such cuties. And you are so blessed with all boys!

  2. I thought you were going to announce a new arrival. But this is positive news too.

  3. Oh, I’m happy to hear you’re feeling reassured. And I hear ya on that last line. It IS harder than it sounds. Also to keep MYSELF fed and alive and in one piece. Do you ever get through a day and realize you haven’t actually sat down to eat a single meal? That keeps happening to me since Taliana arrived.

  4. That face makes me want to have a small herd of babies- all boys please. All of your little guys are so very handsome!

  5. As a special Ed teacher I can tell you… Hearing issues are huge and can manifest into all kinds of social and cognitive delays or oddities (for lack of a better word) Hearing problems are also very treatable! Good for you for noticing all these things so early. I hope you’ll soon find the answers and help you need.

  6. That August is so cute. Well, they all are, but you know what I mean. Hoping things turn out better than you might expect. xoxo

  7. So glad to hear things are going a bit better than a couple of weeks back. You are probably so right about his brother Louis personality, it sounds like August is pretty laid back and just likes to go with the flow! He looks so sweet in that photo of his 1st haircut. Take care, and hope things continue to go well for you all : )

  8. As you know every child is different and you would find that even more so with twins.
    My girls are the epitome of that saying “every child develops at their own speed and you should not compare them”
    There will always be the twin that will take the lead and the other twin will be happy to let him or her do it. One of my girls as i told you before is taking her own sweet time to talk. She actually does talk clearly when she wants to but when she gets excited gibberish comes out. The younger but bigger girl has been chatting for over a year now if not longer. Full on sentences. The smaller one lets her talk.
    And the smaller one always always always finds herself right up under her sister to sleep every night. And the big one never even flinches she is accustom. They have been doing this sleep arrangement from conception LOL.
    Sorry this is so long just thought it may help you see the humour of your boys. I hope August speech comes together on its own, but glad that you will have access to intervention from early.
    Hugs to all four of your boys 😀

  9. Love, love, love the pics! Your boys are just adorable! So glad to hear that you are feeling a bit more confident about how things are going. Sounds like you are on top of things and are getting the right people involved to help you with anything that may come up. Hope things continue to go well and you are able to get some more answers from the upcoming tests.

  10. Hi Katie,

    I couldn’t figure out how to email you directly so sorry for the unrelated comment here…

    I’m working on a Master’s to become an SLP. In my clinical rotations I’ve fallen in love with teaching babies/toddlers to eat/swallow. When I grow up I want to be a feeding therapist. Somewhere in the back of my brain I think you commented one time that you had friends who hated feeding tubes, etc, wanted their kids off of them. Are there any blogs that you can recommend? I really appreciate your blog because it’s such a “real” view of life with special needs not the consolidated platitudes we get in school. As a 40 yr mom of three I have an edge up on the newbie 22 yr olds and constantly refer them to your blog and stark raving mad mommy so they can get a glimpse of what it’s really like.

  11. Your children are all and each so beautiful! I am here, catching up and a bit in shock at all the changes you’ve gone through since I started reading your blog some years ago! I look forward to hearing how your veritable brood moves along and hope that you are able to have some time, however short, to yourself!