Nutrition, Drew Brees, and a Reader Treat

Long ago, before I had the baby, so like, two weeks ago, I took Charlie to what was probably his second-ever well-child visit. This is probably shocking to a lot of you, but when you’ve got seven specialists, surgery, and a nasty case of epilepsy, you tend to forget some of the more basic things including well-child visits. Also, that whole thing where they hand you a chart so you can check off the things your child is doing? That chart can bite me. Things are a bit calmer now (knock on wood), and I wanted to talk to the doc about the tongue-tie thing, so I went ahead and scheduled Charlie for a five year well visit.

The visit went really well–Charlie’s pediatrician rocks and knows his history, so we don’t waste a lot of time covering old news. Bonus points: I didn’t even have to fill out one of those terrible questionnaires.

One question she asked got me though–she asked me if we saw a nutritionist. This is a perfectly legit question–Charlie did have a feeding tube at one time and was even diagnosed with Failure to Feed, but we’ve been doing so well for so long that I never really thought about it. I got a little nervous, but then I told her about his diet–two to three eggs in the morning with cheese and ketchup, school lunches, and toddler-friendly fare for dinner: mac n cheese, spaghetti and meat sauce, beans and rice, etc. She was actually impressed with his diet! She said he had more variety than many of his typical peers.Yay! But she did mention that we need to start adding more fruit and veggies.

Well, I have great intentions in these areas, but I’m a slow-goer in general. It was total kismet that GoGo squeeZ contacted me like the next day to see if I’d like to do a giveaway. Yay! It got even better when they told me that they’d partnered with Drew Brees for their latest initiative. Drew Brees plus anything is good for this NOLA girl’s heart.

baby eating go go squeeze

My prima donna five-year old didn’t want to do pictures, so Louie offered to help out. Note: the cap to the GoGo Squeez is not for kids under three.

So here’s the deal: GoGo SqueeZ has partnered with Drew Brees to create an interactive story book on Speakaboos called When I Play. Basically, you get Drew Brees reading a story to your kids (I know a lot of Moms who would mind that!) plus fun, interactive elements. It’s very cute and reminds me of an ipad app, but on a Windows computer. Also, it’s free.

To celebrate, they’re giving away samples of their newest product, AppleMango Squeez, and a free tote bag to one of my readers. The AppleMango Squeez is 100% fruit and sweetened only with juice–this is great because even my super-picky Charlie will eat it, and he doesn’t eat much. It’s an added bonus that you can eat this stuff without a utensil–my little man hasn’t totally mastered the spoon just yet.

So. . . want to win some free?

Here are the details:

Leave me a comment to be entered to win–tell me your favorite fruit.

The drawing will close at midnight on July 3rd.

I’ll select someone at random from the comments below.

Now go let Drew Brees read your kids (you) a story!

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  1. Melissainkdesigns says:

    Fresh strawberries can’t be beat! Apples right off the tree. Frozen grapes. In that order :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Mangos for sure…can we please all travel somewhere tropical and eat them fresh off the tree?!?!

  3. Oh, goodness, let’s see pineapple, strawberries, bananas, peaches, grapes, mandarin oranges…. I could go on and on. I really like my fruits :)

  4. Fresh from the tree apricots that are so sweet and fragrant. Also sun warmed strawberries and crisp nectarines. And the sweet-tart crunch of an apple pear.

  5. Oh I hate those questionnaires too and do they really read through them or is it just to torture us? I don’t need to be entered, just wanted to check in on you and say hello.

  6. I really shouldn’t comment in the off chance that I win LOL I doubt I am eligible.
    But my favourite fruit are bananas πŸ˜€ then mangoes. I am not doing so well with the well visits either I really dislike the questions and wrangling 2-4 of them at a time is stressful LOL.

  7. Fresh pineapples, blueberries, grapes, watermelon! We love fruit at this house, fresh and off a tree.

  8. I love really really cold apples and sticky freshy watermelon.

  9. My favorite fruit is a banana, especially because it is shaped like a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

    Sorry…I simply could NOT resist. ;P

  10. Strawberries and mangoes, for sure!

  11. meghatronsmom says:

    Watermelon & cantaloupe are favs round here

  12. Banana and Strawberries!!!

  13. Anything that comes in a squeezy pack is a real winner in my house!
    But my personal favorite is watermelon. Can’t get enough in the summer!

  14. Can’t enter the contest because my little guy just started the Ketogenic diet, but I agree with you that the checklist can bite me too. I handed one back blank to our pediatrician once and asked “Really?” and she totally agreed that I don’t need to do them anymore :)

  15. Tyler loves peaches and apples

  16. Blueberries!

  17. My favorite is strawberries. My girls LOVE Gogo squeeze!

  18. I don’t think there are many fruit I won’t eat πŸ˜‰ watermelon is probably my favorite though.

  19. Emily Patterson says:

    Blueberries :-)

  20. Grapes, bananas, strawberries and nectarines. And my kids LOVE those squeezers!!!

  21. Sweet pears are my favorite fruit. It’s also my favorite Elvis Costello song. :)

  22. Destiny says:

    First of all, congratulations on #4 and having a successful delivery!!! Love the name! I hate those questionnaires too. I just write a big NO over all of the questions and they never bug me about it.