Crying Uncle

For the record, I’m not a huge fan of whiny posts, so if you’re not either than you might want to skip this one. You’ve been warned. . .

Either tomorrow or Saturday I’ll be 35 weeks pregnant–I’m not exactly sure because those online ticker things don’t agree and I’m too lazy to figure it out for myself. This has been one spectacularly uneventful pregnancy. I had a brush with some contractions a few weeks ago, but even those have subsided and now I’m just big, big, big. I clearly had not recovered from the twins because I look like I’m pregnant with two again. Either that, or I’m giving birth to godzilla. Only time will tell.

So here I am, at the very end of this thing. I’m ordering stuff off the internet for the new babe, trying desperately to the get house in order after two weeks of solo-parenting, and generally feeling pretty good when BAM! I get hit with some of the worst pain I have ever experienced.

Two boys playing at a toy table

It’s somewhere around where my leg meets my pelvis and it shoots down into my leg. It hurts the worst when I step on one leg–so, basically when I’m walking. My twinnies still get up at night pretty regularly and it is so incredibly hard to take that first step out of bed in the dead of night when I know it’s going to send sparks rocketing down my leg. At first I thought it was nerve pain, but it’s escalated so significantly that I think it’s something more.

After much consulting with Dr. Google, I think I’m dealing with a problem with my pubic symphysis. I’m definitely hearing some popping/cracking when I walk and the other symptoms seem to fit too. Sadly, I’m not sure there’s much to be done about it besides giving birth.

So basically, I’m supposed to take care of my three children for the next four weeks with pain shooting down my leg and there’s almost nothing to be done.

I have a standing appointment with my OBGYN on Mondays now–I might start begging to push the date up a bit–I’m getting kind of desperate.

boy on a bike

Starting to move this independently, which is very cool!

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  1. oh man! i had that when i was pregnant with J. it’s agonizing. i had to use a wheelchair whenever i left the house. it does get better after having the baby though. i hope baby decides to come sooner than later (after full term though, of course!).

  2. I know that pain. I first had PS issues in my second pregnancy when I made a mad dash after my two year who was venturing into a busy street. I was in pain and only semi-mobile the rest of the pregnancy. I felt it when exercising for the next 2 1/2 years. There was a pop when at 26 wks I completely separated my PS during my pregnancy with Nate. It was awful. Seriously awful. The strain of it put me into contractions regularly and I was put on bed rest. I couldn’t get in or out of bed without assistance and excruciating pain. Pray this next five weeks goes by quickly because it may only get worse.

    I can’t remember where I read it, but apparently in places like Africa where infant and maternal mortality is so high, it is or was a practice to actually cut that cartilage (the PS) in half during a difficult delivery in order to get the baby out. You can tell by a woman’s unusual gate if she’d had this done–extreme pain for the rest of her life. That’s a separated PS in the realest terms.

    Hang in there, Chica. Think Relaxin free thoughts and don’t feel too dorky hobbling around with your hand clutching your crotch….

    Sorry, that was course.

    Pregnancy is course.

    P.S. I found some relief going to a chiropractor who used an “Activator” on the PS. It hurt like crazy during the adjustment but I felt improvement. Not very many chiropractors work on the PS and you should probably be suspicious of one who practices exclusively in that region, but seriously, it did help. A nurse in the room makes it a little less awkward.

    • I just went to see Charlie’s Feldenkrais practioner who worked on me for about 45 minutes. Definitely dulled the pain some. Hoping to return so she can work on me some more!

  3. I was going to suggest a chiropracter as well.

    Hopefully you find some relief, somehow.

  4. There are PTs who specialize in this area too. Seek one out. Make sure you get an xray of your pelvis if pain persists as there are surgical methods that can help…

  5. I’m so sorry! One of my friends had that in her third pregnancy and was miserable at the end, I remember. Her husband is a PT and has one of those lumbar adjustment tables and all that jazz so I know he could sometimes get her some relief for a few days, but the pain usually crept back. She says she feels back to normal now, though, if that’s any comfort. I’m sorry!

  6. Hena tayeb says:

    I can not even begin to imagine how you are doing all this but you will get through it.. You will! I had a similar problem. It was my siatica nerve that little D was pinching from the position he was in. Thank god I he came two weeks early.. You are in my prayers and it’ll be over soon

    • thank you! Charlie pushed on my siatic nerve a little, but subsided–this pain just seems to get worse the further along things get.

  7. I had a whole host of weird pains and problems with my singleton pregnancy after my multiples. After I delivered my OB told me that is really common in pregnancies so close together, especially after multiples. As always, admiring your strength. Hope the weeks fly by and the pain subsides.

    • Yeah, I suspected that getting pregnant right after getting all stretched out by the twins was probably part of the problem. Hoping it doesn’t get worse in the next few weeks!

  8. I had that pain. Bad bad bad pain. It started at 19 weeks for me. From 19 weeks to about 33 weeks, wearing Amber 24/7 really made a difference, as well as being mindful of my movements. I needed to have my hips squarely forward and move only forward or backward. Getting into bed meant sitting down then pivoting both legs at the same time into bed. Sitting down to put on pants….

    At about 33 weeks btw the baby and me, we knocked my pelvis out of alignment and I could barely hobble around for bout 36 hrs. My midwives recommended the babybellyband. It was fabulous! It is neoprene, so it doesn’t stretch out of shape.

    Big big hugs.

    • I’ll have to look into this baby belly band. Generally, it’s tough to wear those things because it’s so stinkin’ hot and humid here, but the pain might make it worth it.

  9. OH girl, I’m so sorry. I had sciatic issues in all my pregnancies so I kinda feel your pain. I cannot believe you are already 35 weeks! But I know you are ready! Sending positive, pain-free thoughts!

  10. MelissaInk Designs says:

    You are a trooper! I have a friend with no children who is just like, “I don’t know how anyone does it!” I tell her, “Because you HAVE to!” Of course, some days (or weeks or, for those of us miserable pregnancies, months) are better than others … but we get through it because we MUST. Great job, Katy. Hang in there!

  11. OOOO ouch! I had that with all my pregnancies, but on and off, so I never knew when it would strike and I would just sink to the ground, it hurt so bad. Hope it eases up for you. Good Lord I hope someone gives you a trophy for the solo parenting 3 kids/late pregnancy thing.

  12. Bless your heart! That sounds awful, so sorry! Hope you can get some relief and hope that new sweet boy gets here SOON! Hang in there, Mama!

  13. I had this and saw a physiotherapist for Rost therapy – totally worked. There is a book you can get off Amazon too on pelvic pain and Rost stretches.

  14. All I have to say is yay for a relatively uneventful pregnancy! And I can’t believe you’re already that far and almost done. Can’t wait to see the little guy and hear what was chosen for his name! :)

  15. You have my sympathy. I had terrible sciatica pain when I was pregnant with my older son.

  16. My twins are about the same age as yours and I cannot imagine being pregnant right now–huge props to you lady! Hang in there.
    Not the same but I had horrific sciatica the last few weeks with my twins (I have two older ones, 3 and 6 at the time) so running after them while lugging around two babies was NO fun. I remember crying at my last OB appt, crying because I was in pain and wanted the pregnancy to be over but also crying because I was not ready to have babiesss!
    What about a chirpractor? I never had a chance to try that as I ended up delivering the same afternoon as my last minute desperation chiro appt. Might be worth a shot. Sending pain-free thoughts your way.