A Week (or two) In the Trenches

OK! Charlie and the twins spent the last week and a half passing around some sort of throat virus. That meant doctor’s appointments, days of missed school and the twins went for about a week where one of them was up every hour.  I love my sleep very dearly and getting up every hour is my personal hell. I spent many, many moments wondering what in world I was doing being pregnant with another baby when I was so clearly not able to handle the ones I already had.

Luckily, things have returned to normal, and here is my long-overdue Week in the Trenches Post. So overdue that it actually covers more like two weeks.

boys sitting on a porch

Every year in Louisiana, we have a few weeks of perfect weather. We’ve been enjoying them to death by sitting on the front porch as much as possible. Even my busy-body Louie likes the porch because he’s fascinated by the cars driving by.

three pictures of vintage serving ware

I had one of those magical weekends while thrift store shopping–I found some milk glass and some really great vintage Pyrex pieces as well. That’s the thing about thrifting–some days you find a ton and other days you find nothing. I’d been in a very long dry spell, so this was real treat for me.

boy in stroller wearing headphones and holding an iPad

My first sickie at the doctor’s office. He was diagnosed with a virus of the throat. In no time flat he had passed it on to pretty much everyone else in the house.

pink liquid in a glass

Now this is about the coolest thing ever. You guys know that I’ve been pregnant for what feels like forever. Well, I’ve had no fun cocktails in about as much time. The sadness! Well, I heard that Crystal Light had introduced a bunch of mocktails to their line and I was tweeting about how I desperately need to try some and guess what? They offered to send me some samples to try!!! Ahhhh. . . so nice to have something pretty in a glass besides water. If you have a pregnant friend, you should totally buy her some.

As a total aside here: Crystal Light has another product on the market called PURE. They’re aimed at sports drinkers, but I think they might appeal to special needs parents as well. They’re clear, so no nasty dyes and they’re sweetened with a Stevia/sugar blend so that’s nice too. My kids don’t drink anything but water, but I think they’re pretty tasty.

group of men and women smiling for a picture

Me and some other blog/twitter types at the Coaches v. Cancer event. This was one of the honorees, Coach Dale Brown–a very famous LSU basketball coach (that’s my alma mater!).  From left to right you’ve got Aura Fedora, Me!, Linzy Cotaya of Crawfish Tales, Dale Brown, Bridgette of The Experimental Mommy, and Cara of Peanuts are Evil. We look pretty hot, right?

two cribs next to each other with one baby in each

The twins have discovered that they are next to each other–they’ve also discovered how to get into each other’s cribs. This, of course, means that we’ll have to find other sleeping arrangements for the two monkeys. In the mean time, every night is a baby slumber party in this joint with yelling, giggling, babbling, and tons of baby shenanigans.

Whew! That was a lot–no wonder I’m so tired!

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  1. Bugladynora says:

    Not for the faint of heart this mothering job, is it?

  2. So sorry for the weeks of passing a virus around. I hate those weeks! My boys seem to share everything we don’t want them to share. I am totally with you that lack of sleep is hell. So thankful I have good sleeping kids most nights. Hoping you get some more rest soon!

  3. oh glad that they are all on the mend now 😀
    Love the fact that the twins are enjoying each other.
    Here is to a restful weekend for you and the hubby 😀