A Week in the Trenches II

I had fun with this last time, so here we go again–all photos are from last week.

I picked up four boxes of peanut butter Girl Scout cookies for me and one box of Thin Mints for the Husband. His was gone in a day. Mine are almost gone. It’s a good thing they only sell these one time a year.



The twins and I taking big brother Charlie to Feldenkrais therapy in the Quarter. You should see the looks I get when I start hauling two babies around there–not a lot of children in the Quarter and even fewer twins.

Hubby cooked! He used to cook all the time, but now he’s really dedicated to his position as a work-a-holic, so it’s a rare occasion. It’s an enjoyable one, though.

Hubby’s brother has moved back to town. He’s in the process of job hunting, so I immediately pressed him into service as a “nap creator.” Basically, he comes over, and I take a nap. Best. Idea. Ever.

A rare date night. Out on the town to hear Ira Glass of NPR fame speak live. Hubby gives money to public radio, so we got to go to a reception beforehand with food and a chance to shake Mr. Glass’ hand as well.

The twins. Carefully studying a toy that I pulled out from under the bed. To them, that’s the same as new. They’re in their classic roles–Louis curiously exploring while August looks on.

Big Lou in the bath. He’s decided that there is nothing better in the world than to roll over in the tub and kick like a mad man. There are no cute pictures of August in the tub because he has decided that baths are the work of the devil and he screams the ENTIRE time he is in there. I’m becoming the Queen of the two minute baby bath.

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  1. meghatronsmom says:

    No doubt you are exhausted! Hurray for the nap creator!

    • Hooray indeed. Too bad he’s a Chemical Engineer–I hear those are in demand right now. :(

  2. Fun post :) You hit the nail on the head when you said a toy from under the bed is as good as new. By my third kid, I’d finally become overrun with toys and started a rubbermaid system. Some toys are grouped together (all plastic animals, etc.) but some boxes are just a mix of lots of different stuff. I would rotate out every week or so. I heard a fun tip the other day…another mom hung on to a new box of cheap kleenex, and whenever she had to take an important phone call, she would let the twins pull out all of the kleenex! You can’t bring them to another w/ kleenex, but hey!

    • Love it! I’m definitely rotating toys at this point. I’ve got a bin of them that need the batteries replaced and when I get them replaced, I swap it out for something else. It’s like new toys all the time!

  3. You look beautiful!

  4. I love the nap creator! Just brilliant. You look fabulous ! Loved the photos.

  5. You look fabulous and have children to match…

  6. Whatever it is that your husband made it looks fantastic!

    Also, pictures of those babies make me want to give them a squeeze!