Letting Strangers Parent My Child

I want to thank you all for the kind and insightful comments you left on our last post.

I read each one and considered it, and instead of responding to each one like I normally do, I just sat there and digested everything. Then I just let it sit for a few days.

There were several good suggestions there–and some of them sparked other ideas in me.

After discussing these things with The Husband, we’ve decided to put off the sleep study for now.

I’ll let you know if we discover anything as we test out a few ideas, and I’ll definitely keep you informed if we choose to go forward with the sleep study in the future. Right now we just want a little more time to make sure we’ve tried out all the non-invasive options.

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  1. Good for you! Christopher has had a few sleep studies. In the scheme of things, they aren’t really too invasive. Just a pain in the rear. LOL! Of course, they NEVER sleep for the sleep study the way they do at home.

    We are right with you. We have tried everything…we have some drugs but don’t use them very often. He burns thru them too fast. Melatonin isn’t really working for us either. Be interested to see what you come up with. Will let you know if we find anything as well.

  2. Charlie and my son have a similar history. We just got results from our sleep study. Normal. What?? It was a relief to find out that there isnt a physical reason why he doesnt sleep well. Even though he had what I consider a terrible night sleep, it was comforting to learn that he does go through all of the sleep cycles.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. We will be trying some of the suggestions posted by others.

  3. Just read this (catching up on you guys…). The sleep study and tonsil and adenoid removal changed our lives dramatically. Give me a call or send me a message if you want to chat. Hugs to all.

  4. My daughter, who is “typically developing” with the exception of a hearing and speech impairment, didn’t sleep well for the first 3 years of life. I just thought that was who she was. At a little over 3, we were going into surgery for her second set of ear tubes and I advocated for adenoid removal to hopefully make this set her last. Her doctor didn’t feel it was necessary, but stated he wouldn’t argue with me if I demanded it. With that glowing recommendation, I hesitantly decided to go ahead with the surgery. What a huge difference! My girl now sleeps 12 hours without waking, colds are gone within a week, and she’s less cranky during the day (probably because she is now rested). Good for you for researching options and advocating for your son! The further I go into parenting, the more I realize that doctors are just human. They miss things, they make poor decisions, and they don’t know our children as well as we do.