A Week In the Trenches

It’s been crazy around here. The twins are teething–not the kind of teething where I can see an actual tooth, but the thing before where they act like nutty beavers, gnawing on things, drooling excessively, and sleeping horribly. Fun times!

This, plus Charlie having an entire week off for Mardi Gras, has left me with approximately three brain cells, and none of them are functioning very well. I was looking through my phone, though, and realized that all the pictures I take during a week practically do the talking for me. So this week, I’m letting my iPhone talk for me. These pictures are from last week–I think–close enough. I told you there are only a few functioning cells up there!

This is my new method for going shopping with the twins. I call it “double-decker babies.” It’s actually pretty funny because people will come over to look  at the baby “on top,” and them whammo! I surprise them with a second baby. One lady actually jumped when she saw Louis down there.

Here’s a picture of Charlie waiting for the bus and listening to his iPad. He’s usually in his wheelchair, but this day the chair was already at school, so he rode in one of the bus’s car seats–how cool is that? The iPad has really improved the morning wait for the bus. Charlie and I are not the most patient people, so this keeps him entertained while we wait. I’m usually sitting next to him checking my email (or snapping his picture).

August has this new breathing thing that he does, where he emits a high-pitched sound when he breaths in. Only thing is–he only does it when he’s excited. I’ve taken him to the doctor once,  and the emergency room once, and gotten essentially no explanation. They’ve done x-rays, nothing. They check his oxygenation, it’s 100%.  He’s just got a weird, quirky, breathing thing that sends me and everyone else around into a complete panic when he does it. This kid is super-fun!

Awww. . . how sweet. Two brothers playing with the same toy. Not so much. Here, Charlie is showing Louie which buttons on this toy are the “good” ones, so maybe he’ll stopping pressing all the lame ones that Charlie doesn’t like.

Louie plays hard and he naps hard. Sometimes these two activities intersect.

This is Charlie, rocking the pincher grasp. That’s not just a special mommy inchstone, but an honest-to-goodness-printed-in-the-baby-books milestone. Can’t believe it.

Here’s Charlie waiting for the bus again–can you sense a theme here? It was the day that Kindergarten (Charlie is in Pre-K), has their parade. The kids were allowed to wear Mardi Gras shirts to school, but that proved to be almost impossible to find in his size. My MIL and I went to five different stores total before we came up with this–a woman’s size M shirt. It was one that’s meant to be tight and stretchy, so worked OK. Way too long, but we tucked it in. As you can see, Charlie thought it was just fine.

I was completely exhausted when I went to get Charlie off the bus at the end of the day, but I was absolutely re-energized when I saw him with his wheelchair covered in beads, flowers, and other goodies. It was positively uplifting–and I’m not sure I even knew what that word meant until this moment. I love that Charlie has a place in his school and that he’s a part of things in his own wacky, individual way.

That’s it! That, plus therapy, therapy, therapy, cooking dinner, teething twins, and gestating baby number four.

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  1. Great Pics Katy! Hope you and your three brain cells get some much needed rest!

  2. Aww! cute photos. So funny about the shopping cart.

  3. I’ve been using photos to tell stories lately too. Great updates on your boys. Sebastian used to have a stridor, so he did that screeching sound when he breathed in during crying. It was very alarming to others. On a flight to Egypt once they crew called for doctor assistance before even asking us if we needed it. He had mini surgery during an endoscopy to.check his inside for reactions to his severe reflux a couple summers ago. The doctor cut small flaps on either side of his epiglotis which was flapping over his layrnx. This improved the stridor immensely and eventually it went away.

  4. Your kids are so darn cute!

  5. while it’s voyeuristic to see someone else’s week in pics, your perspective, energy and sense of humor are just so uplifting. you do realize what an AWESOME mom you are, right?

    • Thanks, Eila! Some days I feel like I’ve got it and other days. . . not so much. Like everyone else I think.

  6. Charlie is so darn cute in his little Mardi Gras outfit!

    I love double decker babies! A lot of NYC families have what I call the “surprise babies” stroller, where there’s one on top, and then another snuck in underneath!! I’m glad to know that parents enjoy the two story babies as much as I do!

  7. Those little boys are adorable. My favorite pic is Charlie and Louie huddled together. How cute is that?

  8. Oh, forgot to add: Woman, you have three (soon to be four) of the cutest children out there. It is not fair how cute those kiddos are!

  9. Yeah but….where do you put the GROCERIES!?!? :)

  10. Is the sound August makes like a whistle? If so, I have had it my entire life….sending docs into fits and to “do research” when I was a kid. I can still produce the whistle sometimes. I had it when I wan’t sick. Nothing ever came if it. I had horrid tonsils…taking them out didn’t take away the whistle. I have bad airborne allergies and mild-ish asthma. Medication for allergies took it away a bit….but really, other than a party trick…it was nothing. 😉

    • It doesn’t seem to bother him at all, so I’m trying not to be too crazy about it. Still, it sure alarms other people!

  11. I relish, result in I found exactly what I was taking a look for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  12. Am I the only one to catch this:
    “and gestating baby number four”????
    I was already heading to another blog and I was like did I read that right and had to come back!!!

  13. Sylvia Phillips says:

    You are so brave to take all the kids shopping! Where do you put the groceries? So glad the breathing problem wasn’t serious. The kids are all gorgeous and adorable! I am certain there is never a dull moment at your house. Maybe you wish there was! When is the new baby coming? God Bless you and your family!

  14. That’s brilliant! I loved the photos! Double decker baby was just fantastic! Glad to hear that your pregnancy is going well too :)

    Do you have a special wheelchair for Charlie or is it a just a wheelchair. We need to look into one for Oatie to ride the bus in the Fall for K. Oatie still fits in a stroller so he doesn’t have a wheelchair at present x



  15. Just catching up over here. I gotta say, I’d be surprised by the second baby in the cart too! ha! And your growing another!! Damn girl, you’re awesome! :) Those boys are getting so big, I need to snuggle them again before they can run away from me! 😉

  16. Wow. You have your hands full. I’m the mother of one very active three year old boy. My dear friend across the street has a set of twin very active three year old boys. Every time I think I have it rough, I just look across the street. Your post gave me the same feeling:)