Good Enough

I’ve been a little quiet recently. Two weeks ago my husband left to do two weeks of service in the Air National Guard. He’s been out of the military for several years, but recently we decided that the Guard offered some advantages we couldn’t ignore–mainly their super-cheap and generous insurance plans.

So, for the first time ever, I’ve been mothering three children by myself. I’ve had a lot of help in and out, but the truth is that it’s been tough. Sleep has been hard to come by, and I am very glad to be done with the single parent gig. By the time you read this, Hubby will be back and I will mostly likely be fast asleep in my bed.

But tonight I sit back and make a little toast (with water, sadly) to Good Enough Parenting.

To kids who spend the whole day in their pajamas.

To dirty floors with a blanket thrown on top, so the babies can play.

To peanut butter sandwiches for dinner.

To uniforms that aren’t “that” dirty.

And putting kids on the bus in my PJs.

To eating dinner with the TV on.

To picking a bedtime story based on how short it is.

And to food that comes in a box.

I raise a toast to good enough parenting because some days good parenting just isn’t an option.


Look--they're still breathing and everything.

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  1. Love it!!! So describes my life. 5 kids (one special needs with Autism/ADHD) and a husband who travels every other week… If they’re happy & fed, it’s good enough!

  2. These children are super gorgeous!!
    Good enough is great parenting to me.
    I do the dinner in front of television as well sometimes I cringe when I do it but hey they are happy and the food goes down so all is good.

  3. cheers! i love reading your posts and think your “good enough” is pretty darn amazing!

  4. Amen.

  5. Elizabeth Bibart says:

    Haahaaa!! Love it.. your posts always brighten my day…makes me realize I’m not the only one on this ‘island of insanity’!

  6. I had a talk with my husband last night explaining to him why I needed to buy a freezer. Even PB&J is one more mess I don’t want to clean up at 8pm when I’m totally exhausted but the kids are finally in bed. I hate fast food but I’ve developed the unhealthy habit of, once or twice a week, throwing the kids in the car and driving through for fast-food. I drive around, elated to be out of the house, listening to NPR, while the kiddos munch on fries and nuggets. By the time we get home, they’re ready for naps or bed time and I only have to scrape out french fries from the carseat, throw away a bag, and swab their mouths with a tooth brush. Wonderful. Anyway, back to the freezer. If I had an additional freezer I could stock it with Costco fast food. Probably not much better health wise, maybe better cost wise, but at least I won’t feel like such a slacker mom with the fast food stigma. As for meeting the bus in a robe: I make it a point once a month or so to be dressed for the bus pick-up(7:30am, mind you) so the bus driver will be able to identify me in “civilian clothes” for the afternoon pick-up. Ah, such is life with 4 children and a husband in medical school.

  7. Umm, and you’re pregnant!! I’m exhausted just reading about it. Hope you get a nice, long nap.

  8. My husband just returned yesterday from a 2 week work trip. Even with help it’s hard, I feel your pain. I LOVE the “good enough” parenting post.

  9. This parenting style you describe is just not good enough. You should be proud of yourself it is PERFECT!

    This sounds like the perfect weekend (or 2 weeks in your case).

    I routinely drive my 15 yr old to the bus pick-up 3 miles down the road at 6:15 am in my pj’s….sometimes I even dress up and put sweats on :)

  10. I can relate. My hubby travels a bit for work and without one family member in the same state, it gets tough.

  11. I am SO clinking glasses with you right now. Tim is working ALL the time right now (or so it seems). I’m “single parenting” a bit myself these days and it is HARD. xoxo

  12. Your Good enough is brilliant! My Hubby was abroad for 21 days and I was with a 4,2,0 year old… Yep the 0 year old was my Oatie. So I feel for you, good for you and well done! Hope you’re having a nice nap!


  13. Really, “good enough” is more than a lot of kids get so I think you’re doing pretty darn well! Sometimes I go weeks with the “good enough” attitude and I only have myself to take care of!

  14. A friend of mine who had a child in school a year ahead of mine (they both started early due to delays) told me “I’m happy if everyone has clean underwear”. I laughed.

    I’m not laughing anymore! I consider that a triumph! CHECK.