Oh, Christmas Tree

I love holidays. I really do. I like celebrating even the smallest ones–Valentine’s Day, the beginning of school, etc.

I am not a huge fan of Christmas, however. It just feels forced. The overlapping schedule, running my kids from one end of creation to the other. And the expense. Good gracious! All for things that I usually feel only moderately certain the receiver even likes.

So, I’m a little bah humbug about the whole thing and my husband? He could not care less if tried. He’s not interested in presents, or gift-giving, or decorations, or anything, basically. I’ve had years where I’ve put up MULTIPLE TREES and his sole contribution is getting them out of the attic. We never have outdoor lights because I have a fear of heights and like I said: he doesn’t care.

I figured this year, I’d just skip the tree. The last couple of years I’ve put them up and taken them down, and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that’s noticed.

But the other day I took the kids to see Santa Claus and this happened:

twins with Santa one looking at camera, one not

I have like a zillion pictures like this one because Louie would not takes his eyes off the Christmas tree next to Santa.

And then this:

Boy with Santa looking away

Yep, that’s Charlie also unable to stop looking at the Christmas tree.

You can guess what we’re doing tomorrow, right?

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  1. Love.this! Here’s one for the lovely sparkly magical bit of natural (or imitation) decorative celebration of the season. And Dad’s who come around.

    • Yep! Dad completely agreed–the tree is coming down. Not sure if I’ll get any help, but at least he appreciates the need.

  2. Your kids are telling you something for sure… Glad you hear them!

  3. That must have been some tree! Is there a picture of it, too? :) Seeing your kids on Santa’s lap made me wonder: how do you transport them in public — triple stroller, two adults, or some other way?

    • It was really quite ordinary! Just lights and ornaments.

      How do we transport three? On this particular occasion, I had help–hubby’s mom came with me. I have two ways I move everyone about otherwise. I put the twins in a stroller and hold Charlie–this is good for short distances. If I go to the grocery, I put Charlie in the cart in front, a twin in the basket part, and wear a twin. Really, I just sort of make it up as I go along.

  4. Katy, Christmas holiday of all. Gifts are nice but it’s being with family and friends and loving that togetherness that makes Christmas so wonderful.

    • I find it hard to enjoy being with family when it’s over-coordinated to death. Hubby’s parents are divorced, so that’s the households to visit. Then there’s extended family and his step-brother’s father as well. I’m tired just thinking about it.

      • That should say, “that’s three households to visit.”

      • I am the same way! My husband’s parents are divorced as well, and we live over an hour from everyone so we basically spend December 23rd-25th driving.

  5. Tee hee so Christmas tree it is!
    Favourite part about Christmas for me is the time with family. Hate the shopping for gifts part.

    • I feel like I get to enjoy the family a bit more at Thanksgiving–there’s less rushing around trying to hit every house on a list.

  6. I love the little eyebrow quirk Charlie’s got going on there!! Not to mention the lack of footwear on the twins. Baby feet are just so cute :)

  7. you could just put up some lights!

  8. Yep…they are certainly trying to tell you something! I LOVE Christmas trees…only have 3 up (and one is tiny and in the basement for the boys).

    Enjoy CHristmas with your growing family Katy!

  9. We celebrate Hanukkah but I have to say, I do love those lights and so does Max! Merry Christmas, Katy, to you and your beautiful family.

  10. Awesome! Boys after my own heart.