Name That Baby!

I’m starting to itch a little bit about baby number four’s name. I don’t know how those Duggars do it, but Hubby and I are having a real hard time picking names for this one. Not only do we have to pick a name we both like, but we also have to pick a name that sounds nice with the three other names we’ve chosen.

We’re having a particularly hard time with boy names. My husband has declared his affinity for only one name: Claude. Now, I think Claude is a perfectly nice name and all, but I do not think it goes with the others: Charles, August, Louis, Claude.Β  It just kind of lays there–not nearly as melodic as the rest.

So like any good wife, I’ve been busy creating a list of names that I like more. Here are my front runners:

Edward. We like family names at my house. Not only is Edward my Dad’s middle name, but it’s also my Uncle’s name. Apparently my grandmother reaaaallly liked the name. It’s not as melodic as the other three, but it is Kingly, and I like that. The only drawback I can see is that my Uncle Eddie has pretty much got that nickname occupied. I’d have to use something else. I love Ted or Teddy, so we’d probably go with that.

Rex. I KNOW a lot of people think this a dog’s name, but I’ve never known a dog named Rex, so I don’t have that connotation. I like it because it reminds me a of Max, which is a name that I love, but that I already gave to my cat. Also, Rex means King, which is good and it’s also a name of a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade, so it’s a nice nod to our hometown. Hubby likes this name, but he’s worried that it’s “too much.”

Atticus. Not a family name, but my family is FULL of lawyers, and Atticus seems like the epitome of a perfect legal name. Also, my mom’s brother swears that the characters in To Kill a Mockingbird were based on their family–he and my mom lived with my grandfather, a lawyer. Not so sure about that, but cool to think about!

Dashiell. I just like it. It’s the name of a mystery writer and I love mysteries, but more than that, I just think it’s cool. Plus, it sounds good with the other names.

Girls are easier as we still have our choices from when I was sure the twins were girls. My front-runners at this point are:



I also love Etta, but I’m not sure Hubby will go for it. I’m leaning towards Edia. I really like Elodie, but Ella is by far the most popular name among people I know, and I also know two other people with Ellies. I feel like Elodie might get lost in the sea of similar names. I also think I could call Edia Edie, which is super-cute. (Because someone asked: Edia is pronounced Eh-dee-uh).

So there it is, me, over-thinking baby names. Feel free to weigh in, but if you tell me you hate it, I’m totally putting it at the top of my list. I love the idea of an unpopular baby name because then I know no one else will pick it!

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  1. Atticus and Edia are my votes. (Atticus was on my list long before I had a reason to be thinking of baby names. Then I found a guy, got pregnant, and had to share my ideas, and it got shot down. Also, I had 2 girls and no boys. Maybe for the next one?)

  2. is edia pronounced ee-dee-ah or ay-dee-ah? i like the way it looks! i’m also a huge fan of the name atticus. :-)

  3. Also Claude is my grandpa’s name. I like that too, but a tad boring.

  4. I love the name Elodie, but I think you should go with a more classic name, a royal one. Classic names seem to be few and far between. Your Little princess would stand out with a name like Mary, Anne, Elizabeth, Catherine, Marie,Jane, or Matilda. And I love the same theme for a boys name. I do like Rex, Edmond, James, Alexander. And like girls names, Classic boys names are not as popular right now.

    What ever you choose, Im sure it will suit baby just fine.

    • I adore Elizabeth for a girl. I really like all of your suggestions, but some names are harder to sway Hubby towards than others–for whatever reason.

  5. No votes here – you will know when you know I think. We haven’t thought about names yet for our #4 either, but we keep our choices hidden until birth, since we have a lot of “judgie” folks around when it comes to names. Good luck – right now I’m stumped. truly.

    • Oh, my family always hates my names. Period. I pretty much use them as a gauge–if they like it, then it’s probably gone too mainstream for my tastes. :)

  6. Edward is going to be our son’s middle name, after my grandfather. My only hesitation with it as a first name, and it makes me so sad, is that it’s become popular because of Twilight, which I loathe. Otherwise, I think it’s a great name. And of the remaining boys names, Atticus is my favorite. Of the girls, I think Etta is great, especially for its southern connotations. :)

    • I hear people say this, but I don’t know of anyone that’s using the name. The books have been out for several years now–since 2005–and name has not moved appreciably on the Social Security rankings. If anything, it’s less popular than it was ten years before the books were published when it was still in the top 100.

      • True, I guess my comment comes because we told someone we were going to use that as a middle name and their first reaction was, oh, is it after Twilight?

        And then I jumped off a building because that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

  7. i think claude sounds great with the other names! that said, i have a friend who just had a dashiell, and i’m in love with that too.

    what about edith for a girl? i have a friend who has a baby edith, nn’ed edie. (but i also have a friend with an elodie, and i think that’s just what they call her.)

    (also pam is underused.)

    • I will tell my husband that there’s a vote for Claude–it will make him happy. I love Edith. I think it’s a great name and it’s got that fantastic Edie nickname as well.

  8. Uncommon names that have some history and familiarity are awesome! We have four kids too, and the naming part was super fun! The last baby was a collaborative effort with the older kids. We came up with it , by challenging them to pick a name from literature! And the middle name is a family surname and would have gone with a boy or a girl. We made the final decision based on a nickname that we liked. We liked Lu, Lew, LuLu – Tallulah (Not really lit – but old Hollywood) and Lewis (Carroll). It’s funny, but we both have a Lewis – we just spelled it differently!

    Have fun naming that baby! And congrats!

    • Thank you! You know, Tallulah was in a book I read as a child–something by E.L. Konigsburg–just Googled it: Up From Jericho Tell. So it’s literary too.

      I think it’s great that you let the kids get involved. Sadly, none of mine are at the point where they could suggest something. That’s what I get for having almost all my kids in a year.

  9. I had a dog name Rex! Though wasn’t it a popular name at one time? A movie star name I think
    I think Claude works wonderfully It matches more than the others.
    I am afraid to say it so consider it a whisper but I don’t like Dashiell… at all.
    Oh Atticus… Atticus Finch need I say more.
    At the end of the day though it is yours and your hubbies’ choice.
    Elodie is so interesting though like Melody pretty.

  10. Rex was my Father’s name. If our third child would have been a boy he would have been Gavin Rex. (to go with Gregory John and Garrett Michael). But she was a girl, Kelsie Elizabeth. At the time I didn’t know anyone named Kelsie… middle school she had two other ones in her classes…now it seems to be pretty common. I think all your names are pretty interesting. The one Claude I know goes by Bud.

    • I have never known a Kelsie in my entire life! I’m surprised there were two other at her school. Shows what I know, I guess. Of course, some choices are regional. Charlie, for instance, is fairly popular, but in our area people tend to go with Addison, Caden, Jaden, etc. There are very few people choosing traditional names. For that reason, Charlie is kind of unique.

  11. Love. Claude. Really. But…it seems more middle name-ish for some reason?
    Also really love your girls’ names choices too–Etta is my favorite! I knew you wouldn’t disappoint. You have such great taste.

    • Maybe because it’s one syllable? There are lots of one-syllable middle names out there.

      I love Etta too–still not sure Hubby would go for it, though.

  12. I guess I’ll be the odd one out and say that I don’t like Claude. It’s just so… harsh (?) sounding compared to your other boys names!

    First thing I didn’t was google male names with french origins and came up with this:

    Your other boys names are on the list. From that list I liked Gabriel and Julien.

    I do love Elodie but I think you’re right about it getting lost with all the other Ella’s and Ellie’s. But you can’t go wrong with Edia in my opinion either :)

    I find naming babies so fascinating!

    • I love baby naming too!

      I like that list–in fact, I used that list a lot when I was deciding on Charlie’s name. My Hubby’s name is on that list too, matter of fact.

  13. I LOVE atticus. It’s on our short list IF we go for Baby No. 3!
    Also love Elodie for a girl!

  14. If you like the “El” you could do Eleanor, Elenor, Elenora, Eleanora…and call her Nora. I think Claude doesn’t work for you because it’s missing an “s.” :o) When you see the baby, you’ll know what his/her name should be.

    • I like Eleanor and love Nora, but I think that maybe Hubby doesn’t like it? I agree on the S thing–I think that’s also why I’m not completely sold on Edward. Although that may change! I can only obsess for so long!

  15. Wow! Those are some old sounding names!
    Eudora? How about that? It’s different!
    I love the use of family names. We have a lot of Anns, Elizabeths, Freds, Walters, and Rays.

    • Eudora is actually super-cool! But probably not hubby’s style :) My family tree is full of not-great names. Ann and Elizabeth would be easy to use.

  16. My daughter is named Esme, which is also a twilight character, apparently. And yes, I get asked all the time if I named her after twilight. Edward is a great name, and we were considering it for our son (Haven) but I couldn’t bear the thought of having to answer more twilight questions! Since you other kids name are not featured in the books, I think you are in the clear πŸ˜‰
    Haven’sname was going to be Atticus for a long time, but in the end we went with a family name. I am big into family names too. My first chices for our third are Earl or Pearl or Phyllis, but hubby isn’t having it. We will see…

    • Seriously? Do people really think that babies are named after bad teen fiction?!? Ack! Personally, I think I would look at people and say, “what? What is Twilight?” just to mess with them.

      I like family names a lot, and for Hubby they’re almost essential–that’s why we have such a hard time with names!

  17. I love hearing and thinking about baby names. I like researching what names mean and listening to the backstory of how someone chose a name for their baby.

    My middle name is a bit unique. You don’t hear it that often. It’s Therese. I think that goes nicely with Charles, August, and Louis, imho. : )

    Happy Baby Naming!

    • Ahhh. . . perhaps unique where you are, but in super-Catholic New Orleans, it’s more of a classic. It is lovely, though.

  18. Not a fan of Atticus, kind of a mouthful. How do you make a nickname out of it, your other kIds have nicknames. Claude is kinda clunky, IMO. I knew a Rex in high school. He was an a$@hole;-) So I can’t get behind that name, but I have to say I love your three boys names, didn’t like August at first, but grew on me, I love it!!
    As for girls, we named our daughter Alice after a family member and called her Allie for short. She is five now and insists on being called Alice, or if she is feeling sassy, she will only respond to “Alice in Wonderland”. She logs her name, kinda funny since everyone told me she would probably hate her old fashioned name.
    I lived in France for a year, I loved some of the names I heard: Henri, Manon, Romane, Γ‰milie, Marie-Laure, etc. Roman might be nice for a boy, maybe?

    • No nickname is a drawback of Atticus, Rex, and Claude–definitely one to consider.

      My best friend has always loved Alice, but alas, she’s had no children. I think it’s a great name.

      Roman might be nice. . . I’ll have to run it by Hubby.

      • When we were considering Atticus we thought we would call him Atti. The problem is with our Canadian accents, the double t becomes a d sound… So Atticus is more like Addicus, short form addi. In the end we didn’t go with it, but I still love the name!

  19. Ummmm… I meant love not logs, silly iPhone.

  20. I have a friend named Elodia….very unusual name…..Claire or Clarisse also
    goes with Charlie, August and Louie….(My husband’s name is Louie, by the way)…..your three sons are adorable. My three grandsons are Matthew, Mark and Luke….I hope you have a girl.

    • Everybody wants me to have a girl. I’m not sure I’ll know what to do if I have one! Matthew, Mark, and Luke are all lovely names.

      Claire will most-likely be the girl’s middle name, but we’d use the English spelling Clare since it has a family history.

  21. I love the name Atticus. My other favorites are Milo, Finn, Adira and Amalia.

    I like the name Rex, I know a kid named Rex and he’s a funny dude.

    • I love Milo! Sadly, no O ending for me as it sounds silly with my last name. Friend of mine just had a Finn–I think it’s a good name too.

  22. Please not Claude–reminds me of a dirt clod!

  23. I love the name Rex – had a former student with that name and he was just a really great kid! How about instead of Claude, Clay? A bit similar, but I thought it had more of a ring at the end of your list of boys. Anyways, naming a kiddo is one of the hardest things.

    • It is hard! I’m not sure what Hubby would think about Clay–probably too modern for his tastes–but I’ll ask. I’ve not asked him about that one before.

  24. Can’t go wrong with video game names!

  25. If you chose Edward you could always shorten it to ‘Ward’ also :) and it is a kingly name like the others. And I do love Atticus as well.

    As for a girl…hmmm…I think I like Etta and Elodie. I had an aunt on my mum’s side named Etta and it was also my dad’s sisters middle name.

    Good luck! Are you going to share with us if it is a boy/girl when you find out?

    • I like Ward as a nickname too!

      I will definitely let y’all know if it’s a boy or a girl–I can’t keep secrets at all!

  26. Claude (my middle name is Claudia and I love it)…

  27. I love your posts on baby names! Whenever I can’t fall asleep at night I think of names that I like. ANd we’re not having any more kids!

    Love Elodie! Love it. One of my friends has a daughter named Clodie and I love her name. Plus, she has CP so that makes me love her even more.

    Is it OK if I say that I’m really hoping you get a girl this time? I know we love whatever we get…but seriously, it’s time for you to get a girl.

    • I always wondered if you’d have more–I guess now I have my answer! I love thinking about baby names too.

      Everybody wants me to have a girl–I’ll be good either way, but the rest of the world is rooting for pink

  28. Coming from experience here…
    Name your kiddo something that others can look at and automatically know the pronunciation. Everybody, and I mean everybody, calls Caleigh, K-Lee. It’s actually Cal-i. The “Leigh” coming from both my father and grandfather’s middle name. In the beginning I corrected everyone, now I just smile. If it’s important for them to know then I will tell them.

    So if it’s “close” to another popular name, just know your kid will be called the popular one, or people will mangle the pronunciation.

    I like Atticus, sounds very regal. You know your going to have a boy :-)

    • I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it’s a boy. I do seem to make a lot of them :)

      You make good points about pronunciation. I have an alternate spelling name and many times I’ve been called both Kathy and Katty.

  29. Dagny

  30. So I read through your entire blog over the past few days and I love your children. Seriously. Too darn cute.

    Love the name Edward, fits in well with your other boys.

    What about Emilia for a girl? Emmy (or Emmie) could be a great nickname. Or Eden, if you like the “Ed.” If you don’t mind the nickname Ellie, or something similar, Eloise could be a good fit with the boys’ names, and it has a great meaning (intelligent, smart).

    Can you tell I’m hoping you have a girl? :)

    • I can’t do Emmy! I know a ton of little Emilys too. I do love Eloise and love that it’s a story book character as well.

      Everyone wants me to have a girl. I’m afraid no one will keep reading my blog if i have another girl!

      And thank you for the kind words about my kids.

  31. charlie, august, louis and shane or blaine. (girl or boy)

  32. Hi Katy,

    oooOOhh I love baby names! My names (that got shot down) were Jocelyn, Esmeralda (Esme), Maxine, Daphne, and Nadine (girls) and for boys–Maxwell, Philip, Miles, and Jackson. We only have girls. From your fab names, I love Atticus! I also really like Elodie or Elodia.

    Best wishes for a smooth, boring, long pregnancy! πŸ˜‰ and I hope all your boys LOVE your Christmas tree lights that you’ll be getting this year!

    • Jackson is Charlie’s middle name! I like lots of your choices for both boys and girls.

      I am totally hoping for a smooth pregnancy as well. Fingers crossed!

  33. I get asked sometimes about our kids’ names, mostly family and friends. I guess no one else cares or too afraid to ask. I always tell them I knew she was going to be the last, so I went out with a bang. And in guess you were wondering I have Amber, Samuel, and Evangeline Claire. That is what happens when you live, learn and have been through the baby naming process. If we would have had another boy I don’t know what I would have done. I can’t do boys’ names.

    • Evangeline Claire is just lovely! I love the French pronunciation of Evangeline as well (Eh-von-juh-leen).

      I find boys names easier than girls, but if this is a boy it will be four boys names!!! Too many!

  34. I like Claude, but then I love Claude Rains.

  35. I guess I’m going to have to Google Claude Rains :)

  36. I love Edward for a boy, and I’m with you on the traditional name game.
    Not so keen on Claude, not for the name itself but because it would give him the same initials as Charlie and I’m all for making kids as individual as possible.

    I know you’re already flooded with suggestions, but I also like Henry, William, Zachary or Klaus and
    Edith, Matilda, Lena for a girl

    or Alice!


  37. Sorry to post twice, but I forgot my favourite name of all: Delphine!

  38. I love Edia because I’ve always liked the name Edie. :) I’m a long ways from kids, but I’m a writer and I imagine there’s a little bit of similiarty between naming main characters and naming babies πŸ˜‰

    My girl MCs are Avery, Harley, Lennie (from Eleanora, if you’re wondering) and Emerson.

    The main in my books are Sebastian, Cameron, Nolan, Conn, Evan and Max.

    One name I’ll never use in my books, though, is Madeleine ’cause that’s my “maybe one day” name. :)

    Sorry to ramble, but I love talking about names XD

  39. You are so brave to even allow us to comment on your choices. I love all of the names you listed with one exception – CLAUDE. I know a wonderful Claude but I don’t like the name – yep, dirt clod memories. Love your cute boys’ names so I know you’ll pick the perfect one.

  40. I saw someone mention Evangeline Claire, LOVE that name!! Lots of nickname possibilities, it has my vote!! :-)

  41. I’m partial to Edward because it’s my Dad’s middle name too and also Gavin’s middle name. But Atticus keeps jumping out at me as well. NO to Claude. Like NOOOOOO, you know? πŸ˜‰

    But it probably doesn’t really matter since I’m pulling for a girl… πŸ˜‰


  42. YAY! I’ve been thinking about you and waiting for this post. :)

    I think it’s really interesting to try to pair names with a French-sounding last name as my last name is COMPLETELY Scandanavian. Anyway, I’m a fan of Rex first, then Atticus. One of our nephews is named Oliver and I think that would be a good complement to your other boys. It also goes pretty well with the last name! :)

    My #1 girl names are Shay and Lila (used to be Lilly but it’s a little too sing-songy with my last name now). Shay Catherine is my fave ever and because of that fact, I will probably never have a girl! Haha.

    As a person with probably the most common girl’s name EVER, there is something to be said for originality. I can’t wait to hear whether it’s a boy or girl now!! :)

  43. I *love* the name Atticus. I would totally name my next son that, if I ever had another son. I told that to my husband just a few months ago. I also love family names. Something pretty nice about sharing that name through the generations. Man, I love the name Atticus.

    I need to adopt, just so I can use the name.

  44. Holy cheese and crackers, Batman! I’m behind and didn’t even send my congrats yet! I apologize. Congratulations!

    As for names for a name you might look up the wiki listing of French monarchs (for boys’ names) and the listing for French consorts (for girls).

    What about Philip or Beatrice?

  45. Good gracious I’m behind but I just had to weigh in and say I *love* the name Rex!

    The rest of them are wonderful too, but Rex is my fave!

  46. I found your blog when reading about little Amelia and went back a bit, you have some adorable kids. I do love baby names and the process behind picking them.
    I like Edward. I think Teddy is just the cutest nickname. I also like Theo for a boy.
    For girls I like Arabella, Cordelia ( could be nicknamed Cory or Delia) and my favorite is Violet. I worry about Edia because she would always have to pronounce it for others. If you could Elodie, Ellie, it might get lost, but I Elodie would stand out on its own because of it’s uniqueness.

  47. With the passing of Etta James, it would be a really nice tribute! :) But I’m with Amelia (not on your list up there, but it does go very well with the others).

    As for boys, I like Edward. Atticus really reminds me of an abbicus, not sure why, just always has.

    Either way, whatever you choose, it will be perfect :)