The Boys: An Update

If you’d asked me a week ago, I would have told you that the child worrying me the most these days is August. He’s such a tiny thing and he HATES tummy time so much. In the last few days, however, he’s shown me that he’s developing–just at his own little pace. Louie does things first, but August will do them too. Recently he’s caught up with Louie in the areas of massive social smiling, and pretend talking. He also rolls from his back to both sides and is doing a great little job picking up his head while on his tummy–even though he despises the whole thing. He’s also my sweetie and a complete cuddle bunny. He hates being put down each night and gives us a good 15 minutes of complaint before giving up and going to sleep. He’d rather be in arms than anywhere else, and his sweet smile could melt you in a second.

baby looking at the camera

I’m supposed to be giving him Propanalol to help with the hemangioma on his right elbow, but I haven’t. While we were waiting for confirmation that he could take it, I somehow misplaced the prescription. Now, I’m too embarrassed to call about it. Hubby has offered to do it, however, so hopefully we’ll be getting started on that pretty soon. I’m really less worried about it than I was, though. I can tell that it’s starting to collapse, and it no longer has a scabby look to it.

Louie is our powerhouse. There really is no other way to describe that boy. He smiles big cheesy grins and screams and screeches at the top of his lungs.  He kicks SO incredibly hard. So hard that he propels himself across the floor on his back. So hard that giving him a bath should require scuba gear. He’s also learning to hold a rattle and can roll right off his tummy when he feels like it.

We’ve been going to the physical therapist once a week to work on his wonky neck, and I’m happy to report that it’s coming along nicely. While still not normal, I’m seeing steady improvement. In general, I’m finding the twin’s development nothing short of perplexing. With Charlie, it was a sloooooow, steady, uphill push, and very little caught me off guard. With the twins, things just pop up out of nowhere. Louie just rolled over one day, like no big deal, and I just couldn’t believe it.

two babies in bumbos

And Charlie. Charlie is struggling a bit recently. His allergies/sinuses are giving him a whooping, and we are trying our hardest to get him some relief. It affects every aspect of his life and eventually he ends up with a full-blown sinus infection.  Charlie and sinus infections are a horrible combination. He’s obviously in pain. Tylenol really helps him, but the second it wears off, we’ve got crying and he is just. so. touchy. I hate the sinus infections.

We’re doing a course of antibiotics again, and we’re also going to be doing one of those nasal sprays regularly in the hopes that it will help him drain properly and prevent future infections. I sure hope it works. I hate when he’s not feeling well. Everything falls away when he’s sick like this–therapy, learning activities, everything. It’s lousy and it’s the second time this school year that it’s happened. I really don’t want it to happen again.

Besides that, however, he is doing wonderfully. His posture has become simply amazing–he sits up so straight. I’m actually eager to go back to the orthopedist and see what he says–he’ll be scratching his head for sure! Charlie’s also been doing a great job in his gait trainer–alternating legs without prompting. He still needs to work on taking bigger steps, but it’s in there, I can tell. Recently, I’ve realized that Charlie might walk some day. Before now, I never really thought it was a possibility, but seeing the strides he’s making I realize that anything is possible for this boy.

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  1. Awww, babies! 😀 I love the differences in their pictures, how August at you all serious and Louie’s totally amused by it XD

    Sinus infections SUCK. I get them too. For my last one I was prescibed Avamys which is like a cortiscosteriod spray and that helped a lot. I was on Nasonex (however you spell it before) and I hated it. My doctor said that Nasonex is really thick, so if he doesn’t like the one you try, maybe ask about a thinner one?

    Hope he feels better soon and YAY for his progress :)

  2. Boo for sinus infections! Agree with Laina…they suck! BUT, YAY for progress! Look how grown that boy is looking in his picture there! Wow! What a great big boy! Can’t wait for they day when you post that he is walking! Because he WILL and it will be an awesome day!

    And those babies, well, I just want to eat them UP! So precious.

    So glad they all are doing so well!

  3. Love the updates on all 3 boys! So proud of Charlie!

  4. I LOVE the pictures of the boys! The twins are getting so big. :) Glad to hear things are generally going well!!

  5. I tried to read this but all I could do was stare at the pictures of your cute kids.
    But then I did eventually read it and I love all the good news. Except for the sinus infection. I’m sorry about the sinus infections.

  6. How do you get anything done with all that adorableness around?

  7. Holy cow, Charlie is a BOY now, and not a toddler! How does that HAPPEN?!?!!? I’m glad that in general, things are going so well at your house. All three of your boys are just precious.

  8. Sorry about Charlie’s allergies/sinus issues. Poor little dude. :( Glad to hear he’s doing so well otherwise though! And the twins, OHMYGOSH, so cute! I need to find time to meet up with you again so I can snuggle them some more. :) xo

  9. BIG thanks for the detailed updates!

  10. The boys are beautiful! The strides Charlie’s making are remarkable! And the twins are growing so fast! Wish I had the energy that you’ve got!

  11. Oh nice nice they are all progressing wonderfully.
    Sorry that Charlie is sick. But he is such a cutie!

    ( I found the same with my girls that they are both progressing one at lightning speed and the other at her own pace might be slower but it is happening)

  12. Gorgeous gorgeous boys! Love the update. Love the pics. Hope Charlie is better soon. Seb has been sick with a cold/cough for weeks and it’s just no fun. Awesome news about the gait trainer! Go Charlie! Go!

  13. I am so happy Charlie’s doing well and as for they twins the look so cute :) You’re an AWESOME mom on behalf of Charlie and the twins I thank you.

  14. They are growing like weeds!!! And yes, I think Charlie will walk too. Go Charlie Go!! Gus will probably grow to be a linebacker… just give him time.

  15. Hooray for the boys! And hooray to the mommy, doing such an awesome job