Notes From the Field

Several people asked me to report back on the vitamin situation, so here we are with over a week of  daily vitamin doses.  I am happy to report that Charlie’s behavior is much improved. It is not perfect. He still bites his arm to let me know that he is displeased with something, but it does appear to be a form of communication and not just random frustration. He still tries to get out of doing his work by biting as well, but again, it’s not random. In general, there has been a LOT less crying and hysteria. He goes to school happy and comes home happy. He’s had no temper tantrums on the bus when he has to wait for the other kids to arrive. He’s had mostly good days at school. Just a few days after we started giving him the vitamins, he had one of the first giggling fits he’d had in ages–a lovely sound.

It could be a coincidence, but I’m going to go ahead and put a hatch mark in the win column. A happy boy is a happy boy.


I started blogging in November of 2005–not here, but a blog on MSN’s blog platform, Spaces. Spaces was this itty-bitty blogging community and we all read each other’s blogs–they’re weren’t that many of us.

Jenn wrote a blog back then called, “Dating at Twenty-something” that chronicled her adventures in online dating. I wrote about teaching kids in an inner-city school. We’ve been reading each other’s blogs for almost six years now–that’s longer than I’ve had Charlie.

Jenn grabbed an opportunity recently and came down to New Orleans for a visit. I was thrilled and got to see her on three different occasions. For the record, Jenn is a lot like her blog–except I think she’s calmer in person than online. I guess she lets her sass hang out online. It’s always a treat when I get to meet one of my blogging buddies. Getting to meet one I’ve known this long is doubly special.

two girls smiling at the camera

Jenn and I in the Quarter


You may have noticed that this post is full of Instagram photos. I have pretty much fallen in love with Instagram as I find it a fun way to pass the time when I’m sitting in a waiting room or sitting through a therapy session. One thing I didn’t like, however, is that I was unable to share my photos with people who weren’t on Instagram. I’ve solved that problem as I’m now sending my photos over to a tumblr page. If you’ve never heard of Tumblr, it’s basically a place to stick quick, random things that don’t go in a full-length blog. I’ll be sending my Instagram over there and probably be adding recipes and other random things over there. So feel tree to check it out. It will get updated WAY more than this blog, which I try to only update when I have a coherent thought. I’ll eventually get a button on my sidebar, but for now you can just click on the link at the top of the page labelled “Bird Bits.”


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  1. Hi Katy, if you don’t mind me asking, what is the vitamin? Keppra does not appear to be working and the Dr. now says if after a few more increases we may have to look into another seizure med, which i am not thrilled about. Could you let me know what the vitamin name is and maybe we could give it a try as well? Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  2. SOooo good to hear you have a happier boy on your hands!!

  3. YAAAAYYYY!!!!

  4. Glad to hear the vitamins are helping.

    And so fun that you finally got to meet Jenn. You know I LOVE meeting my blog friends. :)

    • I like meeting my blog friends too–only people who understand my weird obsession with the Internet.

  5. So happy you and Jenn got to meet! I loooove the picture of you two–both looking super happy. :) Glad you had a good time.

  6. RollerCoasterMom says:

    What vitamins are you using? I’d love to know. Glad they are working!

    • We’re using Animal Parade Liquid Vitamins. I put a link up on my Facebook page for anyone who might want to buy them. We get them locally, but I’m not sure how available they are elsewhere.

  7. Very good!! who woulda thought that a vitamin would do all that?! Easy Peasy!

    I thought it would be weird to meet a blogging friend but it wasn’t! It was like we never have been apart. Like neighbors. No awkward pauses and lots and lots of laughter!!

    • Blogging buddies are great. Plus, they know all about you already.

      I am SO pleased about the vitamins. I was already researching other options and look Got it right on the first try.

  8. I am so happy! YAY!!!

    Oh and there is That is great for sharing instagram photos.

  9. Have I mentioned how beautiful I think Charlie is? I love this photo and how well he holds himself up in it. Since ABR I have really come to appreciate core strength like that. He is a doll!

  10. Woohoo the vitamins work doing a happy dance because God knows that happy child makes for a happy Mama.
    I am following you since Spaces. i miss spaces and your maths equations LOL
    Glad you were able to meet up with her.
    That picture of Charlie is so awesome.
    ( I am on tumblr too )

  11. My 2 year old with Angelman Syndrome, a neurogenetic disorder that causes seizures, uses Keppra! About 48 hours after starting it she was a whole different baby!!! She went from being fairly quit and easy going to whinning all the time, throwing tantrums and wanting to be held all the time! Vitamin B6 really help us out! She is back to herself! Very grateful for that….I didn’t have to have to switch to another anticonvulsive!

  12. Emily is already taking a multi vitamin, but we may be adding B6 as well. We have had a lot of crankiness and irritability and tantrums lately. I figured it was her just figuring out that she could express herself. The neurologist’s nurse mentioned B6 the other day and I started to think back to when the crankiness really started and it was after we increased her Keppra for the 3rd time in a few months. I never made the connection between the two things until she brought that up. Really hoping it helps. So glad you have seen good results with Charlie.

  13. Well that’s just cool all the way around. and I will have to go check out tumblr now.